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Surrounded by Flattery Wherever You Go

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The title is taken from an open letter to Hitler, published March 20, 1932 in Der Gerade Weg (The Straight Way) newspaper, and written by Father Ingbert Naab, who was hoping to appeal to the leader’s conscience only a week after a contested general election which Hitler’s National Socialists lost to President Hindenburg by a slim margin.  Fr. Naab was right to be alarmed, because Hitler had no intention of accepting his loss.  The Nazi’s political maneuvering resulted in a runoff election, intrigue, bullying and eventually, the unthinkable.  Hitler became Chancellor the following January despite the opposition of most of the German people, nevertheless cheered on by an adoring press who hailed him as a “God-given prophet,” according to Fr. Naab.  This post contains just a few paragraphs of commentary followed by the complete English translation of the letter from Der Gerade Weg.  It’s a long letter, but I think it provides a valuable view into the perilous national situation in early 1930’s Germany.  That situation involved the clear danger of a smitten and careless national press, ambivalence about public lies and a political party that, in Fr. Naab’s words, “promises all things to all men, even the most contradictory things.”  I’m not the first to recognize that the German situation closely mirrored some of the elements of the United States at the current time.  In early 2009, Michael Walsh posted excerpts of Fr. Naab’s letter with the observation that all you have to do is “change the names and dates.”  Like Mr. Walsh, I strongly wish to avoid the horrific and unjustified direct comparison of Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler.  That would be a mistake, of course.  However, in my view, it’s completely appropriate to hold up Fr. Naab’s observations as a warning to U.S. voters that the conditions in which we now find ourselves are extremely dangerous.

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Not a Conspiracy Theory: It’s Time to Face the Fact that China Tested a Sub-Launched ICBM Within Sight of LA, and Obama Lied to Us About It

This post first appeared here on September 15, 2012.

Two recent events prompt us to reconsider what happened on the evening of November 8, 2010 off Catalina Island near Los Angeles.  One is the recent missile test near White Sands, New Mexico, that was visible to many residents of the Southwest, as pictured in the photos to the left.  The other is the explosion of violence in the Middle East, beginning in the two countries that our State Department has most actively abetted in the installation of new regimes while assuring us that they would not be hostile to us and present no threat.

Given this most transparent utter failure of the Obama Administration to be honest with us on the truth of the matter in Egypt and Libya, perhaps this is a good time to review another time, just two years ago, that the administration, through its apparent direction of NORTHCOM and NORAD, assured us that there was no threat, against all the evidence to the contrary. Continue reading

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Grunt’s Saturday Night Sucky Movie Micro-Review

This idiot post first appeared here on September 15, 2012.

This is our unique feature where Grunt watches terrible movies to pay off his chick flick debt, but his wife sleeps through them anyway, so he doesn’t get credit, but at least he can warn you about them. Tonight’s Selection: Cairo Time

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Out of All the Bad News Today, Don’t Miss the Big One: QE3 Means The Fed is Panicking

This post first appeared here on September 13, 2012.

From Jeff Harding’s article today in the Daily Capitalist:

Today, the Fed announced an open-ended purchase of “agency” mortgage-backed securities of $40 billion per month at least until the end of the year, which along with its Operation Twist purchases, amount to $85 billion of such purchases each month. Again they wish to “support a stronger economic recovery”. Their justification was: Continue reading

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Nigerian Woman Writes Open Letter to Melinda Gates: We Don’t Need Your Contraception


CHESAPEAKE, VA. (Catholic Online) – This letter,offered below, was written by Obianuju Ekeocha, a 32-year-old Nigerian woman. For the past six years she has been living and working as a biomedical scientist in Canterbury, England. Most of her family and many friends still live in Nigeria.

She is active in her parish and says she is grateful to God for the graces she receives as she serves the Church. Continue reading

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Patriot Day

This post first appeared here on September 11, 2012.

Today is many things to many people.  To some it is simply a national patriotic day to remember roughly 3000 New Yorkers killed in a random natural disaster of unknown origin in 2001.  To some it’s the anniversary of the defeat of the Ottoman Turks by the forces of the Holy Roman Empire in the Battle of Vienna in 1683.  The same people might also recognize the subsequent defeat in 1697 of Ottoman forces in the battle of Zenta on this date and the much earlier defeat of the Ottomans at the end of the great siege of Malta in 1565, also on this date.  If the American people are generally unaware of the significance of this date, September 11, long before the events of 2001, we can thank the wonderful, god-like, American press for that.  They sought immediately and instinctively to shield us from the knowledge that the 3000 people killed by terrorists in lower Manhattan were payback for a struggle that began over 1300 years ago, and the audacity of a few generations of Europeans who dared to successfully protect themselves and their families, for a time, from the relentless onslaught of Islamic conquest.  That’s what 9-11 was.  But our sagacious press, in their wisdom which was so much more refined and enlightened than our own, knew that we must be shepherded into seeing that the acts of these recent terrorists were really our fault, so that we should accept them as right and just rebuke for our outlandish failure to embrace the submission that all free men and women must eventually accept as our fate, to the pagan moon-god allah and his only prophet, the great child molester. Continue reading

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