Inspector General Finds All Remaining Lois Lerner Emails … Right Where They Were Supposed to Be

The emails were located on IRS backup servers, where they were expected to be. Thank goodness for those “expert forensic analysts.” See story at Fox News. Cross-posted at PoliNation.

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Dictator or Emperor? Only his Uniform Designer Knows for Sure

One of those medals is for publicly stating 25 times how illegal and disastrous executive amnesty would be, and then doing it anyway.  Title on the medal: “Consistent Leadership.”

Wild Bill: Hat tip: Adrienne.

From the Earl of Taint. “They’re illegal, not stupid.”

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The Ultimate Leftist, Leslie Feinberg, Dies of Rare Existentialist Condition, Achieves Radical Nirvana

Leslie-FeinbergGruntington Post [Parody]- The passing of the only perfect leftist to walk the Earth will be marked Tuesday night in lower Manhattan by the Empire State Building remaining completely dark. This tribute, for legendary activist Leslie Feinberg, is the only acceptable display that could be mounted, since Feinberg devoted her/his life to destroying inequalities and the distinctions that exalt one gender/race/species/planet/sound/color over another. Ms./Mr. Feinberg, who lived her/his entire life, since 1949, self-identifying as a completely indeterminate gender, also waged holy war against the hatefulness of pronouns, preferring the use of bigotry-sensitive neutral pronouns like ‘ze,’ ‘hir’ and ‘oingo.’

Because of this, it’s very difficult to determine without ambiguity the facts of Feinberg’s life, especially since even the use of the word ‘fact’ was strictly forbidden in her/his presence. It was only by being granted temporary suspension of these strictures by the World Progressive Language Committee that the leftist newspaper, The Guardian, in London was able to compose an obituary. They didn’t actually use the word ‘obituary,’ but the phrase used is too long to reproduce here in print. The Daily Caller describes the resulting “Comedy Gold.” For the record, she/he is described as a secular-jewish, working-class, revolutionary communist, a male-identifying transgender lesbian female by her/his spouse, Minnie Bruce Pratt. “She/he checked off every box there is,” notes Pratt, who also describes with great affection the significant prison publishing successes and third-world revolutionary activities of Feinberg that enjoy exactly the right amount of obscurity to avoid the “sell-out” label and remain attractive to radicals.

Balalaika_2C_garmon_and_a_shepherd_27s_horn_sSo complete are Feinberg’s radical credentials that her/his death is the only known case of existential trans-annihilation.  Witnesses say she/he was sitting in a field of weeds playing on her/his beloved balalaika when she/he completely vanished.  Recounted Pratt: “Leslie had just finished the Black Panther existential spiritual Waiting for My Ho’, and as she/he hit the last chord, she/he got the most radiant look of total equality on her/his face, and she/he just vanished into nothingness.”

No services are scheduled, but admirers have been showing up steadily at her/his favorite bar in New York City, Fuck the Patriarchy, on 57th Street, to snuff out a cigarette and down a shot of wheatgrass vodka at her/his table, which has been kept exactly as it was the last time she/he organized a pipe bombing there.  Like many followers, Yuri Zukov, pictured below paying his respects at the table, do not plan on continuing their radical ways after the death of their glorious hero/heroine.  “Why bother?  I also wanted to be the perfect leftist.  But now that Leslie achieved it?  I don’t know.”  He paused to wipe away an errant tear on his cheek. “You think believing this shit is fun?  Nobody lives like this on purpose unless you can be more equal than anybody else, so you can look down your nose at everybody.  That’s always been the goal.  But with that gone, … even Bob Dylan eventually admitted he only wanted the white picket fence and a normal girl with no tattoos.  I think I’m headed to Texas now.  Maybe find me a nice A&M cheerleader.  Settle down.”  Scattered middle aged hippies at surrounding tables took pulls on their cocktails, eyebrows arched.  And nodded.


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Tree Mugger

I don’t know if this mule deer was still hurting after losing one of his antlers in a fight, but he sure helped himself to the medicine cabinet in our front yard this morning. It is said that the inner bark of the aspen tree has analgesic properties, and may even be the source of the name Aspirin. Whatever the reason, this young buck trashed our aspen tree pretty good while I watched, and he then proceeded to lick the inner bark and eat a few of the shavings. I hope it did him some good. The tree will probably die now, but they never live too long, anyway, so it’s not too big a deal. Meanwhile, my dog slept through the whole thing. Lazy mutt. *sigh*

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How are the #ShirtStorm Feminists Doing in their Twitter Crusade?

Um, not well. Near the beginning of the conflict that has played out, about two days ago, one of the principal feminists behind the storm, Dr. Janet Stemwedel, a Philosophy professor in San Francisco, wrote up a brief bit of propaganda  on “Storify” for “science guys” to help them understand what was going on and what was at stake. If women like Dr. Stemwedel represent most women, as she claims with some authority, then you would expect her Storify blurb, which has been prominently featured on the very active #shirtstorm and #shirtgate hashtag threads for two days, to have about a 50% favorability rating in terms of “likes” accumulated; perhaps more if men support her thesis, as well. Let’s see how it’s doing.
At the time of this writing, 4 of the over 6000 viewers “liked” her little visual presentation about how academic interpretations of “women’s experiences” should drive policy on just about everything.  By my calculation, that’s a percentage of… oh dear… 0.06%.  That’s essentially zero.  More than the likely number of accidental clicks.  In my limited blogging experience, I have never seen a comment or an opinion by any troll who is intentionally trying to upset people and who is viewed by 6000 people get fewer than dozens of “likes.”  Nobody knows why, but even the vilest internet trolls get more likes than this.  This message is profoundly unpopular.  If you want to know why, you can go to her Twitter feed here and see if you can figure out why she is still employed in academia and allowed to claim that she represents women everywhere.
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You Want Dr. Matt Taylor’s Rockabilly Control Room Shirt? Too Bad, it Sold Out Overnight as a Backlash to Idiot Feminists

However, you CAN get one with this design by my buddy, the Earl of Taint!  Soon to be available here.  Or not; there are copyright issues, after all.  But if it goes on sale, it’s the one I’m wearing next time I pull operations duty on a Mars Lander project.  I swear!  Internet fame and feminist ubertroll hall of fame, here I COME!   Bwah hah hahahahah!!
For the background on the bizarre spectacle that left one of the European Space Agency Scientists in tearful apology during the height of the Rosetta Mission landing, see John Gabriel’s article in Ricochet. Or (updating to) an even better one by Cathy Young.  He names the right pathetic science journalist harpy names and sums it up about right. But he leaves out some of the strange details of the victim-fest aftermath, most of which happened behind the scenes on Twitter.
The battle featured on one side a group of mostly American female science journalists and professors along with their henpecked husbands and male associates whom they quite literally guilted into participating.
On the other side was pretty much the whole universe of non-crazy people.  The few crazy ones have waged a pathetically weak defense of Rose Eveleth’s original tantrum over several days.  They focused obsessively on those 12-year-old boys from Indonesia who slammed them with death threats.
The worst thing about that was that they compulsively transferred the guilt of these bizarre anonymous threats, made by weirdoes, onto the academics and others who had legitimate questions, dismissing them all with a single stroke.  That “guilt by association” is not something a man or woman of science should be doing ever.  But to be repeating it non-stop for days is bizarre.
WTF is this guy talking about? NOBODY is defending rape threats except kids on their mom’s twitter account in Outer Ubangi. And yet…
But they completely failed to respond to the  hundreds of reasonable objections.
Over and over again, these (mostly) women rejected objections from (largely) other women who denied that Dr. Taylor’s shirt was sexist, which was very much a valid observation, while harping on imagined logical fallacies and violating all the rules of logical rigor, themselves.  Some of the very worst false rhetoric came from this hateful, childish woman from Pennsylvania, who also happens to be the nagging, feminist, academic  wife of Dr. Nicholas Evans mentioned above.
The central, undeniable problem with the harpies’ case is that there’s a clear violation of any concept of equality. If it’s wrong to bully women about what they wear, then it’s also wrong to bully men. End of story.  It doesn’t friggin’ matter that they have technical papers showing that “women leave STEM field because of this kind of thing.”  Psychology papers that consist of asking women questions about who is to blame for why their lives suck are hardly scientific, or definitive.  Concluding that half the world population must give up their most basic freedoms in deference to embarrassing weaknesses demonstrated by a few of the other half are not scientific, either.

Seriously, the gist of the feminist argument here is that women are too weak to control their own reactions upon gazing on men and their seductive shirts. It’s a demand for men to wear burkas, plain and simple. It’s repulsive.

And, BTW, the ridiculous claim that Dr. Taylor was “representing” the international space community is simply wrong. That was a “locker room” interview that was completely unofficial in the inner sanctum of the MCR and every knows it. The “official” word is always given later, hours after the mission ends, often by people in suits. Only at that time is it appropriate to remark about choice of optics. Really.

Science is in big trouble if this is our brain trust here in the USA.  Some of the schoolgirls being sold as marriage slaves in Nigeria might be reading this right now and shaking their heads, wondering how this is what passes for feminism here.  I wouldn’t blame them for being confused.

Click on #shirtstorm  #shirtgate to see more obsessiveness.

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ESA Comet Lander Fails to Anchor, Perched on Cliff, But the REAL Story Turns Out to be Criminal Sexism Among ESA Rocket Scientists

The world’s first spacecraft to land on a comet has apparently become merely the first craft to ‘bounce’ off of a comet and settle into a precarious perch on a dark comet cliff where it’s batteries may not be able to recharge enough to keep it alive for more than a few days. The European Space Agency’s Rosetta mission has succeeded in depositing it’s lander, called Philae, on the surface of comet 67P/Churyumox-Gerasimenko Wednesday. The world awaits word on whether this spectacular accomplishment will yield precious data about the comet in coming days.  It may be that very little can be saved after the craft failed to anchor to the comet as planned.

But that has not kept the international community from finding something else gossip-worthy about the mission.  It seems that the wild shirt worn by a British member of the ESA operations team during the landing and a press interview has caused feminists everywhere to start shrieking uncontrollably.  I’m not sure why.  See one of the more insanity-inducing tweets here. Make sure you read the smug comments. They’re a scream.

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