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Canada On Its Knees

The following is a brief excerpt from Gavin McInnes’ piece in Taki’s Magazine about recent terror in Ottawa, and the total paralysis that has followed, which is not much different from our own. Mr. McInnes is an English-born-from-Scottish-parents, Canadian Ex-pat who usually writes from New York. Mild language warning.

terror-in-canadaI’m in Toronto right now guest-hosting a show on Sun News called Straight Talk. Thank God. The Canadian media have been dominated by the CBC since the 1930s and they make MSNBC look like Fox. When the Sun came out in 2011, it introduced the possibility that liberals might be full of shit and the entire country had a heart attack. This is the nation where a human rights commission will sue you personally for hate speech, even if what you said is true. They’ve sued Ezra Levant several times and he’s the most popular host on the network.

It’s the only sane place in Canada to be right now, which is why I felt so lucky to be at Sun headquarters when jihadist Michael Zehaf-Bibeau assassinated Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at Canada’s National War Memorial on Wednesday.

Generations of multicultural pandering have turned Canadians soft, and even before the shooting we were hearing about how crucial it is to reserve judgment regarding Islam. On Monday morning, another radicalized nut job, Martin Couture-Rouleau, assassinated Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent by smashing into him with his car. Instead of getting angry, Canadians called for tolerance. They refused to call the terrorist a terrorist and insisted it was some poor, disenfranchised youth who was mad at us for taking too long to renew his passport. Toronto Star reporter Tonda MacCharles asked the RCMP commissioner if Couture-Rouleau had been frustrated in an attempt to leave, perhaps? Yeah, that’s it. It’s our fault for inconveniencing him. We refused his renewal because we saw him as a potential danger. What are we supposed to do, let him go train in Syria so he can come back and build bombs with aplomb? Read more at Taki’s Mag.

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Al Sharpton Apparently Unsure Canada is a Separate Country

First appeared at PoliNation.
Crack MSNBC anchor and geography expert Al Sharpton may have forced the Saturday Night Live comedy skit writers to revise their scripts again for this weekend when he self-parodied during last night’s broadcast covering the shootings in Canadian Parliament. Possibly unsure about the name of the capitol of Canada, Sharpton turned to CBC reporter Chloe Fedio in Ottawa and clearly asked her “What’s the latest tonight in Iowa?” Ms. Fedio, herself a Canadian, was so shocked and flustered by the question that she laughed nervously before stating the name of the actual city where she was reporting, repeating it clearly several times during her statement, as if pronouncing it for a class of children. Hat tip: Weasel Zippers.

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American “Age of Eeyore” Enters Second Decade

First appeared at PoliNation.
From the Wall Street Journal article: “American’s Gloom Marches Into Second Decade” by Reid J. Epstein
“Why are people so gloomy? Well, it might just be everything,” says pollster Micah Roberts, sounding a bit like Eeyore himself. Mr. Roberts is vice president of Public Opinion Strategies, which along with Hart Research Associates conducted the poll. “We haven’t had a plurality saying ‘right track’ in over ten years so that’s pretty amazing. After 10 years it’s just part of the collective consciousness of Americans,” to think the nation’s gone off the rails, he added. Read more at WSJ.  Hat tip: finai at iOTW.

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Or Maybe She’s Just a Loon

First appeared at PoliNation. Most of the 55 or so comments were posted to that site…

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My Family’s Weird

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My family just got back from World Market.  So, did we get some Belgian chocolate for dessert tonight?  Noooooooo.  But there’s plenty of Marmite (peat moss extract) and Spotted Dick (a spongey fruit cake with current berries, or possibly rat droppings) served with something called Double Devon Cream. I don’t even know who Devon is, but why is his cream double? Or are there two Devons?  I don’t even want to know.  The Marmite is not shown in the photo because it’s too disgusting for a family site.

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Oh, THOSE WMD; Sure, there were some of THOSE

Originally posted at PoliNation.
Now that ISIS is taking control of deadly chemical weapons in Iraq that are left over from Saddam’s hidden stashes, and our media is reporting it, isn’t it time to point out the shamelessness of this 14 year media conspiracy that painted President Bush as a liar and warmonger for going into Iraq after ‘non-existent’ WMDs? In fact, shouldn’t we be keeping track of the lies, like we do the deficit?

Greatest U.S. Media Lies and Conspiracies of the Last 100 Years:
1. Walter Duranty’s NY Times Pulitzer for deceiving the public about Stalinist Communism for decades.
2. Anthony Lewis’ and NY Times’ defense of Pol Pol and Khmer Rouge.
3. Media campaign to promote the scientifically discredited cause of climate activism.
4. Media campaign to protect the morally discredited Fascist political system of Islam from all scrutiny.
5. Media campaign to destroy and imprison the administration of a sitting Republican President in the early 70s (for knowledge of a burglary) while systematically covering up egregious criminal activity of Democrats (including murders, like Vince Foster’s) for 50 years.
6. Relentless 10 year frenzy of lies and diversions that established, falsely, that the Bush Administration had no reason to defeat Saddam Hussein and prevent his cache of chemical weapons from being used.
7. Media campaign to elect a talentless, radical community organizer to the Presidency and then protect him from all criticism as he completely destroyed every part of the U.S. that didn’t resemble or function like Zimbabwe.
8. What Constitution? We have a Constitution? Our President doesn’t need no stinking Constitution.

From the Weasel Times and Stoat Intelligencer:
Okay, that NY Times article about chemical weapons today. Help me out here. They put this together from a bunch of Wikileaks stuff and some FOIA requests. It shows that US soldiers were finding chemical weapons regularly from 2004 and 2011 and some were hurt by them.

And the Times is scolding the government for downplaying the danger and significance of chemical weapons? WTF happened to “Bush lied, people died”? Yeah, they’re describing them as a bunch of old crappy weapons (and of American design, woooo!) but isn’t that entirely in line with what we expected to find and were told we hadn’t? Tens of thousands, by the sound of it.

And why did the military downplay this? Why did the government?

And why is the Times doing a bunch of original reportage on this now? Could it be that ISIS is closing in on this stuff and they want an alibi when the bad guys start lobbing chemical weapons around…?  Read more at

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