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NASA’s Latest Epic Fail: Another Launch System Still Not as Good as Saturn V

Last week, Chief NASA Administrator Charles Bolden announced that the agency had finally decided on a new launch system, named the Space Launch System (SLS), that didn’t have the fatal flaw of having anything to do with former President George … Continue reading

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Secret Cold War Spy Satellite Program Declassified, Finally Revealed

Published September 19, 2011, Roger Guillemette/ The massive KH-9 Hexagon spy satellite on display at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum’s Udvar-Hazy Center, after being declassified on Sept. 17, 2011. Longer than a school bus at 60 feet in length … Continue reading

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Alan West Talking Sense About Islam

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The Great Myths of Modern Times – Myth #1

There are many obstacles to truth, are there not?  Some of these are personal, but the obstacles that are perhaps most regrettable, and most suitable for public discussion, are the philosophical ones that enjoy icon status in our culture: those … Continue reading

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Starting the Week Off Right

As You love me without hesitation without reservation withholding nothing, my God, my life, my soul, my will, are yours. Totus tuus.

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