Alan West Talking Sense About Islam


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3 Responses to Alan West Talking Sense About Islam

  1. gfcandinthatorder says:

    This guy said it as plain as day. In the most intelligent way and straight to the point. De facto.
    What is it about these islamic lost sheep that you don’t understand?

    • I particularly like the way he just started naming historical events that will get people curious enough to look them up and finally get some context in the 1300 year struggle with Islam that everyone seems to have forgotten. Except them.

      • You know this really irritates me. The part of history. Why is it that man thinks his “wisdom of the day” is so much better thatn that of his ancestors? I mean will we ever learn to really look at history and see that it repeats itself over and over. Yet they say it does BUT their wisdom is always better than before and they fall into the same trap again. Man is sure stupid and he has the devil always helping get him there.

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