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UPDATE: Toxic Phobos-Grunt Reentry Imminent (Crisis Over – See Below)

After a long delay in the posting of the late-Saturday NORAD tracking fit for Phobos-Grunt, internet watchers were beginning to worry that the spacecraft had already broken up in the atmosphere about a day before most predictions.  That vigil ended … Continue reading

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Why I’m Retiring Our Stars and Stripes for a While

Old Glory has always flown proudly over Grunt Manor, and for good reason.  The family has ever been all about God and Country, and those under our roofs have served and fought for what America represents.  We have unapologetically supported … Continue reading

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Toxic Phobos-Grunt Reentry Expected Within Days

The launch of the Phobos-Grunt probe from Kazakhstan on November 8th marked the first Russian Mars mission in 15 years.  Space experts now say that underfunding of the ambitious project may have doomed it from the start.  “Way too ambitious, … Continue reading

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