Why I’m Retiring Our Stars and Stripes for a While

Old Glory has always flown proudly over Grunt Manor, and for good reason.  The family has ever been all about God and Country, and those under our roofs have served and fought for what America represents.  We have unapologetically supported the U.S. Military and those who serve in its four branches, and that never wavered throughout the Vietnam years.  Especially not then; certainly not now.

You can believe that the current Eagle Scout patriarch of the family took great care in folding up the Stars and Stripes recently, and reverently placing it in a flag box, then shelving it for long-term storage.  I meant no dishonor to the flag of our nation.  Quite the contrary.  I mean to fly it again someday, when it’s waving might not be fraught with scandalous mixed meaning.  Until then, I intend to keep flying the yellow Gadsden revolutionary war flag, itself a perfectly good American flag.

You see, while the Stars and Stripes represents much that is good, it is also the flag under which our armed forces and intelligence services are systematically deposing world leaders and replacing them with governments controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.  This is not my opinion.  It is simple fact.  In the U.S. State Department, under that same flag, we are actively supporting Taliban leaders and helping them sell poppy crops and heroin that supports their twisted cause.  In very recent months, in Afghanistan, our own government may have actively turned against even its own most selfless and courageous soldiers, and purposely allowed them to be carelessly killed in untenable situations to give comfort and support to Muslim leaders.  Those leaders continue to slaughter Christians by the thousands across Africa, and their blood is on our hands and on our flag.

Here at home, the most successful space agency on the planet, NASA, has been fatally crippled by the White House under that same flag, and given, as it’s principal task, the job of making muslim nations more proud of their imaginary contributions to science.  As we speak, thousands of advanced tactical weapons are in the hands of dangerous drug lords in Mexico, placed there by our own Department of Justice, for the purpose of undermining our Constitution.  In Libya, twenty-thousand tactical missiles were allowed to fall into the hands of Islamic governments and terrorists across the Middle East by our State Department.  In these countries, the Stars and Stripes have mixed meaning, indeed, and it is difficult to separate the flag from the President who commands the armed forces and wields his power without budgetary constraint or Constitutional legitimacy.

That’s right.  I said it.  He was elected, but he plainly never satisfied the Constitutional requirement to be a natural born citizen, as interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court in the binding Minor v. Happersett decision which has been conveniently ignored by Congress.  There’s a very grave reason why that requirement is in the Constitution, and I believe we are seeing the consequence of ignoring it now.  For this reason alone, I believe Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin did the right thing in refusing to serve under this illegitimate commander in chief.  I would likewise refuse to serve under this administration in any capacity.  And so, neither can I fly the same flag that flies over the White House and Congress.  It’s time for a revolutionary American flag again.  May it only be for a short time.


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Fearless and Devout Catholic Christian First, Loving Husband and Father Second, Pissed-Off Patriot Third, Rocket Engineer Dork Last.
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11 Responses to Why I’m Retiring Our Stars and Stripes for a While

  1. cjmartel says:

    My flag comes down at dawn!

  2. TXMom says:

    My Gadsden flag is flying proudly!

  3. Very good move Grunt. Where can I get one of those flags? My flag came down the day BO was voted prez

    • It just took me a little longer. Do a google search for US Flags. The company with that name does big business in all kinds of state and historic flags and such. There are others, too, but I’ve only had luck online. Local stores just don’t carry anything like that.

  4. Well said and well done, Grunt. Very proud to know you.

  5. texan59 says:

    I’ve heard a lot about this blog from some of my firiends over on a site called the conservativetreehouse. This is great! 😀

  6. defendit says:

    You’re right we can’t pretend that everything is OK, just business as usual. The LIEberal program/Democrat media complex agenda is unAmerican and unconstitutional and EXTREMELY SO and therefore extremely unacceptable.

    America is in the late stages of a socialist revolution that is why it is imperative that we carry on the work of such a bold modern day Paul Revere such as Andrew Breitbart.

    There are the big government Socialist/Marxist/Communist radicals, and then there are those like Andrew Breitbart and Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin, who are against big government and they are for the American Constitution of limited government and who rely more on tradition and their own ideas and labors when it comes to their personal lives, their mission, and their politics.

    What sets Breitbart and Palin and others such as Allen West, Herman Cain as well as many others (including Ron Paul, as misguided as he is about defense and who’s fault it is for the hate that exists in the Mideast) is that they are all in the fight and they have stood against liars and cheats and coercive radical revolutionaries and it really has taken all of their effort and focus to do so. They took the extra steps and went the extra mile because they understand what is going on and what is at stake. And Andrew was a true gladiator at that.

    He was restless and relentless because he, as well as Palin and our other Breitbarts, though not always in agreement on everything do understand that we are in a non-kinetic civil war, and what appears to be the late stages of a socialist revolution and the destruction of America from within which has been in the works while the ideas behind it are nothing new and have been refuted. See also my post Save Capitalism, Save America over at my blog A FREE MARKET AMERICAN http://freemarketcircle.blogspot.com/2012/03/save-capitalism-save-america.html and also Right vs. Left, the Bottom Line here http://freemarketcircle.blogspot.com/2012/02/right-vs-left-bottom-line.html

    The task at hand is to show this, and to share it wide and far. And it is really a fight, because there are those who do not wish the truth to be known. So one must really stand up to them, their manipulations, interests and power. And remember Saul Alinsky taught them how to gain power to achieve their utopian fundamentally unAmerican extremist agenda. Breitbart has demonstrated to and shown many how to fight back. What Andrew learned, and what he demonstrated through his actions, is that it takes a radical to beat a radical. As I said before, over at my blog in my post “Left vs. Right, the Bottom Line “, it takes a radical to know one and to expose one and defeat one.

    God rest his soul and bless his family. He will be sorely missed.

    And to Andrew, if you can read this up there, I never got to meet you and that is too bad because I live in your neck of the woods out here in Los Angeles. I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your service to your country. In your honor, on behalf of myself, A Free Market American, and everyone in the American Conservative/Tea party movement – we are all patriotic radicals in the cause of our American constitution and republic now. Thank you for your service you are a real hero and patriot. Truly on another level.

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