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An Elvish Prayer

Ai Meri, meleth-phant, Hir ah-le; daethannen im oessath phain a daethannen iaf e-huvec – Iesus. Aer Meri, Eru-odhril, hero amman raegdain sia ned in e-gurthem. Tanc. Can you guess which traditional Christian prayer this is? If not, go Here.

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The Right and Freedom to Leave? – Baby Boomer’s Divorce Rate Doubles

This commentary originally appeared on It’s true; apparently the divorce rate among older, 50-ish couples is skyrocketing.  Much speculation about the causes of this startling fact is being slung around the news world, but this post is not about … Continue reading

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The Last, Best Hope of Man on Earth

If you can listen to this speech and shrug your shoulders, if you can honestly say that there is nothing worth dying for, or that peace is just a choice, then the thousand years of darkness are already upon us.

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Lighter Side of Independence Day: Five Subversive Sex Tips (… I Mean, Relationship Pointers) from the Founders.

I know what you’re thinking; what is this, Cosmo Magazine?  Has Grunt lost his mind?Truth is, I never had much of a mind to lose.  😉  And relax; these are family friendly.  Besides, after so many grim events lately, we … Continue reading

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Can I Have My Country Back Now Please?

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Gettysburg Remembered

In 1863, at the Battle of Gettysburg, July 3rd (today) was the day of the final battle involving what became known as Pickett’s Charge.   The farthest point reached by this courageous and daring attack on Union forces on Cemetery Ridge … Continue reading

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