“Anti-Communist Hero” Lech Walesa Shows Us How It’s Done

This post first appeared here on July 24, 2012.

Hey, Congress!  Hey, SCOTUS!  Observe this Polish dude who still has a pair.

From Gateway Pundit:

Anti-communist hero and former Polish President Lech Walesa was “too busy” to meet with Barack Obama last year during his trip to Poland. Walesa explained that he has “a very tight schedule,” and that his “programme is filled to the maximum.” Walesa said this about meeting with Barack Obama, “It doesn’t suit me.” (Polish Greatness)

Lech Walesa cleared his schedule and will meet with Governor Mitt Romney this week in Poland.

Grunt:  The rumor out of Poland is that Romney was able to submit a valid birth certificate and non-Indonesian passport to the Polish security service, so everything was cool.


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