It’s a Very Harry Potter Election Charlie Brown

This post first appeared here on August 16, 2012.

With apologies to J.K. Rowling and Charles Schultz, doesn’t it seem a little overly apocalyptic this time?  Even for an American Presidential election?  It’s not just this White House Wizard photo, just one of hundreds published that seem to show the “one we have been waiting for” in a Messianic light, although, the photos seem to have taken on a more sinister look, haven’t they?

Like this one.  I like the look.  Kind of a Voldemort thing definitely going on there.

And the hysteria that hit the press when Paul Ryan was announced was palpable.  Almost like the Press was preparing us for a showdown of wizards for the fate of the free world.

Oops, wrong photo.  Here’s the Ryan image.

Sorry, here’s the one…

Although it’s understandable how his grasp of esoteric cosmic principles, like basic arithmetic, would terrify the Democrats.

Well, I’m no prognosticator, but I think we should brace ourselves.  It can only get scarier.


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