It’s Official: We Now Live, Explicitly and Definitively, in a Fascist State

This post first appeared here on August 2, 2012.

Look it up.  Donald Sensing did, and he just today wrote a brilliant piece about the man who defined the term ‘fascism,’ Benito Mussolini, and how his national political system, in which the all-powerful state determines all value, what is moral, and who will legally conduct business and who will not, is now the system under which we live.  This has been made definitive by our federal government and recently confirmed by the mayors of our largest cities, including New York and Chicago.  Look it up.

After yesterday, which was called by PJ Media The Day Freedom of Conscience Died in America, we now live in a country where a Chicago alderman is completely unashamed to tell the respected Catholic Archbishop of his city that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to morals – that the government knows better what is right and good and what’s in the Bible and what Jesus would say.  Look it up.  That exchange just happened today.

After yesterday, my family will go without the benefit of medical insurance, a choice that will incur an unknown but probably large financial penalty.  We have no choice, because the state that we did not vote to empower in this way has demanded that we pay to kill innocent babies.  In that way, we are now not much different than Communist China.  We are still not exactly like China, but you know what we ARE exactly like?  We are now EXACTLY like the state that Benito Mussolini envisioned.  Look it up.  Read about it here.  And don’t tell me that we are nothing like a fascist state because we have free elections.  They have “free” elections in North Korea, too.  And besides, at a time where so much of our Constitution has been literally rendered null and void, and an unprecedented series of stealth executive orders gives the Executive Branch nearly total control over the country for any reason, are you certain that there will be elections this fall?  Don’t hold your breath.  Look it up.


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2 Responses to It’s Official: We Now Live, Explicitly and Definitively, in a Fascist State

  1. rosalindj says:

    Hi – I followed you here from iOTW. I don’t know what you think of zerohedge in general. In particular though, this is a good one to complete the bookend of commentary about statists, because a malignant state doesn’t have power unless it’s enforced at the individual level. Writ large and small, they’re everywhere, mostly dormant, until the right set of circumstances coalesce. I think that’s happening in this country now.

    • Great to have you drop by, Rosalindj! I’ve enjoyed your comments at iOTW and elsewhere for a while. Zerohedge is big on my list, and I appreciate you pointing this phenomenal piece out. You’re right that it bookends nicely with these essays about statists and fascists. Thanks!

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