Jon Voight Tells Daily Caller: “We should be Appalled;” U.S. Media No Better Than State-Controlled Venezuela Press

Tampa, Florida – At the Republican National Convention (RNC), iconic actor Jon Voight told the Daily Caller that mainstream media organizations in the U.S. were “taken over” and controlled by the Obama Administration and the Democrat Party in a way that is essentially no different than the absolute way that Hugo Chavez controls the Press in Venezuela.

He was particularly incensed by the paltry coverage planned for the RNC.  “I mean look at the main media is not going to cover the Republican convention?  This is propaganda, pure and simply. They say, ‘well, we’ll give them an hour.’ They’ll edit an hour – well, what will they edit out? What is the story they will tell? Do you understand?”

Read more at the Daily Caller.


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