Just Kill Me Now: Reuters Finds Married Woman, with Kids, Stupid Enough to Give Obama a Second Chance, and She Lives Down the Street from Me

This post first appeared here on August 9, 2012.

Parker, Colorado is a bedroom community just twenty miles southeast of the liberal, urban hell of Denver, but it’s far enough away to be very much in the rural, conservative part of the state.  In fact, local Republicans often run completely unopposed here.  When we moved here almost twenty years ago, we liked the fact that it was an active ranching community where you’d see ranch hands with dirty boots and cowboy hats eating at the next table over in fast food joints.  Obama stickers on cars are rare here, but they exist.  Somehow, Reuters reporter Margot Roosevelt managed to find one yesterday during Obama’s visit to Denver.  I suspect she was just trying to rub it in my face.

Her article, though, is interesting.  Under the title, Women still favor Obama, but Mothers Less So, Roosevelt echoes Winston Churchill’s observation, probably unintentionally, that as people grow up and accept responsibilities, they become less liberal, possibly shedding their carelessness and some of the associated mental illness of youth, as well.

So, remind me again why we had to pass the 26th Amendment to the Constitution and give irresponsible children the right to elect the most powerful leader in the world?  Just a few weeks ago, one of our bloggers from India, Shalini, asked me if I agreed with Ann Barnhardt that women’s suffrage (19th Amendment) was probably a mistake, that it pitted families, husbands and wives, against each other.  I waffled, saying that it might have been only one of several steps toward pure democracy, and away from a republic, that may doom us to unsustainable socialism.  Remind me again why I didn’t just agree with Ann that the 19th was a big mistake?  Given the indisputable fact that American women tipped the scales toward Democrat Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, shouldn’t I think that?  Well, I don’t, even if those women, especially the young, single ones, make it exceedingly hard to believe in them.

The truth is, I do have faith in the women’s vote, just as I have faith in the votes of blacks and hispanics, even though they continue to vote largely for liberal candidates, because some of the best conservative voices continue to come from women AND blacks AND hispanics, and dozens of other groups.  But here’s the thing.  We can not afford to keep having our leaders be elected by our most youthful and inexperienced.  Another Ann, Ann Coulter, has argued that our big mistake was the 26th amendment, and that both reasons for originally enacting it no longer apply, or were fallacious to begin with.  I wholeheartedly agree.

Our problem is not women voters.  Our problem is young women voters.  AND young men voters.  There was a good reason why our voting age used to be 21, and why some of our representatives weren’t elected by popular vote at all.  Let’s turn it back.  One of our esteemed female bloggers, Bob, has said that the voting age should be 30.  I agree!  And while we’re at it, let’s restrict the vote to those who are currently married and have children.  Aren’t those the ones who naturally CARE about the long-term stability of our nation?  I know what the response of young people to this proposal would be, of course: outrage.  My reply to that outrage is simple: grow up!  Those young people with some cognitive ability would recognize that if it’s patently true that people get more conservative as they age and become more fully invested in society, then that PROVES that modern liberalism is not just another equally valid viewpoint.  Get with the program kids.


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