New Climategate Mystery Brewing?

This post first appeared here on July 27, 2012.

Something intriguing and murky has happened just today over on Anthony Watts’ Climate Blog, Watts Up With That?  Mr. Watts, who has been a key player in exposing widespread fraud and corruption among climate scientists and green political activists, has suspended his publishing until this Sunday, pending new developments and a coming “major announcement.”  He hints that the announcement will “attract a broad global interest due to its controversial and unprecedented nature.”

There has already been some scattered speculation around the web about what “has happened.”  My guess would be a new climategate-type release of information or possibly some new evidence against the character of climate scientist Michael Mann, who produced the famous but discredited “hockeystick chart” that started much of the panic about accelerating atmospheric warming.  We’ll know more around noon on Sunday.


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