Patriot Day

This post first appeared here on September 11, 2012.

Today is many things to many people.  To some it is simply a national patriotic day to remember roughly 3000 New Yorkers killed in a random natural disaster of unknown origin in 2001.  To some it’s the anniversary of the defeat of the Ottoman Turks by the forces of the Holy Roman Empire in the Battle of Vienna in 1683.  The same people might also recognize the subsequent defeat in 1697 of Ottoman forces in the battle of Zenta on this date and the much earlier defeat of the Ottomans at the end of the great siege of Malta in 1565, also on this date.  If the American people are generally unaware of the significance of this date, September 11, long before the events of 2001, we can thank the wonderful, god-like, American press for that.  They sought immediately and instinctively to shield us from the knowledge that the 3000 people killed by terrorists in lower Manhattan were payback for a struggle that began over 1300 years ago, and the audacity of a few generations of Europeans who dared to successfully protect themselves and their families, for a time, from the relentless onslaught of Islamic conquest.  That’s what 9-11 was.  But our sagacious press, in their wisdom which was so much more refined and enlightened than our own, knew that we must be shepherded into seeing that the acts of these recent terrorists were really our fault, so that we should accept them as right and just rebuke for our outlandish failure to embrace the submission that all free men and women must eventually accept as our fate, to the pagan moon-god allah and his only prophet, the great child molester.

Here are some other recent and worthy thoughts on this day.

From Sultan Knish:

New York cannot move on, neither can the country, because the murderers are still on the loose and what happened on September 11 was not an isolated incident, but part of a pattern of attacks taking place in a clash of civilizations. New York, the crossroads of civilizations, is a natural target for the attacks. New York is to the world what Mecca was to Arabia and the new Mohammeds are eager to do to it what Mohammed did to Mecca.

From Joan of Arrggh!:

The world of men is full of much more unimaginable horrors and our godlings will never whisper of it. Women will be mutilated, men will be eviscerated in unutterably offensive ways. The Media godlings will never let us know. They will shield and protect us and tell us for whom to cast our votes. They will never willingly give up their place as the magic mirror of our society, assuring us of our own ugliness and complicity in the horror. They will assure us that 9/11 was our own fault. They will do it over and over and over for years and decades to come until we become, at the last, as ugly as the gods of the headlines would have us be.  With angry fangs and tongues hanging out. Chocmul-like thralls awaiting another beating heart to be tossed  their way that the sun may come up in our dull lives one more day.

All those 3,000 lives lost 10 years ago just keep on sacrificing themselves to these insatiable media cretins.  They will churn out thousands more hours of afflictions for you to observe until you beg for mercy and agree with your tormentors that you and you alone are to blame.  Just please make it stop!

Even so, you will likely read every word and watch every clip and listen to every anguished soul captured in the digital resin of emergency calls, voice mails on loved ones’ phones, and stories of miraculous escape or miserable suffering.  But not because the godlings command you to.

No. Because your heart is not like theirs at all. You want to preserve and revere, truly honor their death and reflect on such lives cut short; lives ended before they had that vacation, that connection, that revelation of love, that  completion of wisdom and that joy of figuring the whole puzzle out.  It haunts you in your quiet meditations, out of the glare of the outside observers. No. We’re nothing like our MSM overlords at all. Our heart would tear out the eyes of our attackers and  run them through with sorrowful steel and righteous wrath.  Our hearts know better how to handle their own griefs and sorrows.

We reject the writs of the Gods of the Headlines.  We ignore them while they talk down to our suffering, seeking,  like some flat avatar, to usher us into a place of peace and calm acceptance.

Oh Hell no.

And from Richard Fernandez of PJ Media:

The story of September 11 must for all time become the story of how a certain date became unspeakable to al-Qaeda and its followers; a tale of how this day of all others,  became the blackest day in the history of Islam. It should forever be a date that can never be mentioned without arousing a deep sense of shame throughout the Middle East so that in generations hence, people should still come up to strangers unbidden and say, “I’m sorry for September 11. “  Until then it is unfinished business.

We have no right to forgive. We have no right to forget. We have no right to move on until this final condition is met. That in the holy of holies of our civilization’s enemies, in the innermost recesses of their sanctum sanctorumthey should say with heartfelt ardor: never again. Never again. Never, ever again.


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3 Responses to Patriot Day

  1. tyroneb says:

    Sorry folks, Moslems had nothing to do with 9-11. Ye s, Islam is vile, evil even cruel, and would have like to have done 9-11.
    But they didn’t.
    Signed: Former Republican, professional investigator & seeker of truth.
    Hit me back for details – if you dare.

    • You may be right, and anything’s possible, especially with this gubmint, but so far, I have not been convinced by the arguments about it being an inside job. When I get a chance, maybe I’ll ping ya.

  2. tyroneb says:

    I’ll be here. (One thing the plotters forgot is that most of the firemen/cops that went into those building that sad day were of Irish/Italian acestory. Neither group is noted for ‘forgetting, forgiving and moving on’.

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