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Name That Island!

First appeared at PoliNation. Ooooooooh! I saw this once on Animal Planet. Papua New Guinea? Java? Nope. Manhattan Island, New York City, USA. Some call it the center of civilization. Some also say this People’s Climate March is all about … Continue reading

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Dr. ‘Fraudpants’ Mann’s Lawsuit Against Mark Steyn Generating Hilarity on Twitter

First appeared at PoliNation. Something significant happened Tuesday in the court case filed by Penn State’s Professor Michael E. Mann against notorious “climate denier” Mark Steyn. The very poorly thought-out lawsuit, perhaps encouraged by some of the worst lawyers in … Continue reading

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NASA to Make Crew Announcement in U.S. Return to Space

First appeared at PoliNation. Gruntington Post (Satire) – NASA Chief Administrator Charles Bolden is expected to make an important announcement today at 4pm from the Kennedy Space Center regarding the long expected U.S. return to manned space. Reports from the … Continue reading

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America Gears Up for Most Epic Obama Speech Drinking Game; ERs On Alert

First appeared at PoliNation. DISCLAIMER: This blog does NOT encourage anyone to drink alcohol or consume any intoxicants during Presidential speeches. Also, it should be kept in mind that discharging firearms toward TV sets is always dangerous and should never … Continue reading

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Fly with Confidence, America; Those ISIS Activists on Your Flight are Mostly Harmless

First appeared at PoliNation. “Do you trust me?” So asked the petite, blonde, senior Delta flight attendant in the short red dress, fresh from delivering trays of cocktails to first class passengers. “Believe me, I’ve been through much worse than … Continue reading

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