Name That Island!

First appeared at PoliNation.
Ooooooooh! I saw this once on Animal Planet. Papua New Guinea? Java? Nope. Manhattan Island, New York City, USA. Some call it the center of civilization. Some also say this People’s Climate March is all about science. Wait, I mean SCIENCE! Do you see any scientists in this picture? Neither do I. But these days, how could you tell?
Hat tip to Marc Hilliker for the photo.

Wherever this island is, it’s certainly not a place that has a Constitution with a Bill of Rights protecting free speech.  That much is obvious, because this aspiring dictator, Robert Kennedy, Jr., was there …
And he just stated quite explicitly that he wants to put you in jail if you disagree with him on just about anything. He especially wants to put you in jail if you are a climate change “denier”, because you are guilty of “a criminal offense – and [you] ought to be serving time for it.”


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