Or Maybe She’s Just a Loon

First appeared at PoliNation. Most of the 55 or so comments were posted to that site…


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4 Responses to Or Maybe She’s Just a Loon

  1. Aloha Grunt,
    Just curious but with you posting this pic does this mean that you really think Ann is (saying this nicely here) a nut case? Or are you just agreeing with what this new Pope has been doing lately?
    I have wondered curiously why nothing (remarks or comments) has been mentioned about the synod yet from many “good Catholics”?

    • Aloha, GFC. I can’t comment much about the synod, because I haven’t had time to decipher all the takes on it. But most of what I’ve read has been so distorted that I think it requires a lot of work to figure out what’s going on.

      For example, Newsmax published this headline: “Pope says Church shouldn’t Fear Change on Gay Issues.” That sounds pretty controversial, until you read below the fold and find out he has never proposed any change whatsoever in church doctrine on homosexuality. He has only proposed, as far as I can tell, an open discussion on how the Church can be a more merciful church in practice. I’m all for that, but we’ll see where that leads.

      About Ann, I have withheld any questioning of her sanity until yesterday, when she doubled-down on her claim that the Pope’s a materialist, a modernist, a Marxist, a Peronist and a Fascist. She is stark raving barking mad, and there’s no way I can avoid that conclusion any longer.

      Sorry, Ann. If you’re reading this, I apologize for thinking you are a truly messed up lady. But I do. I know Fr. Ed Buelt, who baptized you, as you’re aware. I’ve worked with him and admire him, as you do. For you to say you took one of his gentle jokes as your entire impetus to abandon the greater community of Christ’s valid Church on Earth and seek the solace of a cult, many of whom are certifiable nut-cases, as you admit, is evidence, to me, of something seriously unsettled in your make-up. Over a joke by a kindly old man. About Catholics not going to church enough. But that horrified you. Really. You’re a brilliant lady, and not hopeless, but you need to go talk to somebody. Anybody. Somebody from the PFOSP would be just fine.

      GFC, as for the Pope’s work so far, I support everything I’ve heard. I can’t judge what I don’t know. What I DO know is that he’s been locked in a war with the traditionalists, and the most vocal of the ones I’ve heard have resorted to the most ugly lies and falsehoods to smear his action against them. I don’t blame them too much, but I don’t trust them, either. And I don’t agree with them. The media is happy to report everything they say against him, so they can’t really be taken too seriously, either. So far, I’m behind him in his efforts. If that changes, and he tries to change doctrine counter to the Truth, I’ll change my mind. So far, that’s not happened.

      • Grunt,
        Thanks for your honest (and a good one) answer. The only way to know anyone is by their fruits!
        So time will tell about the present Pope and most assuredly not by what the media says one way or another. I concur about the “fruits” of Ann though. Although she barks (and bites) about a lot of the things conservatives do she is totally off her rocker when it comes to dealing with anything anymore.

      • Thanks, Brother. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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