ISIS Gloats over Beheaded ‘Rehana’

First appeared at PoliNation.
RihIt is now almost certain that renowned female Kurdish freedom fighter, known by her pseudonym ‘Rehana’ has not survived the battle of Kobane and has been beheaded by ISIS troops. This has been reported by various international sources, including the AP, the Daily Mail and the Herald Sun in Australia, although the Kurdish Women’s Defence Unit, or YPJ, has issued no official confirmation.    To see a photo of a grinning ISIS douche-monkey holding up her severed head, go to the DC Gazette, here. If you would rather not see the ISIS photo, know that her face looks appropriately pleased and at peace while the ISIS fighter just looks like an idiot.

Although this woman has achieved worldwide notoriety by killing over 100 ISIS fighters, according to journalist Pawan Durani, in defense of Kurdish territory, her death is a blow to the morale of the Kurd fighters. The DC Gazette eulogizes her thusly:

“Thank you Rehana for your bravery and willingness to both kill and be killed fighting this particular manifestation of Islamic fundamentalist evil that has raped and slaughtered its way across your homeland. May your bravery, story, and sacrifice be an inspiration to a great many others in this fight.”


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2 Responses to ISIS Gloats over Beheaded ‘Rehana’

  1. TSUNAMI says:

    Bless her soul for instilling fear within the minds of the Muslim heathens. Killing her (if it actually did happen) is only going to motivate more women to want to emulate her.

    ISIS probably just signed their own death warrant.

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