Halloween Hood Ornaments

First appeared at PoliNation.
The Daily Caller had a little amusing commentary on Joe Scarborough’s (co-host of PMSNBC’s show “Morning Joe”) recent Instagram photo showing him with his 1969 Ford Bronco. I’m not sure which is more frightening, the Bronco, his Izod shirt, the orange pants or his black dress shoes. At least his Bronco is in better shape than my mom’s 1969 Ford Fairlane, which rusted into a pile of debris in the driveway and had to be shoveled into the trash. In 1971.
Personally, I think he was channeling Hillary and her pumpkin pantsuits, modeled here in front of a sweet 1986 Yugo.

Don’t think Rachel Madcow doesn’t have a nice, seasonal ride, as well. Wait, is her Pinto on fire?? No, it’s ok. It’s just orange.


And we know Barack prefers 2-wheelers.


Of course, none of these clowns can hold a candle to Gruntessa and I when we go out touring in October in the Gruntmobile.



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