You Want Dr. Matt Taylor’s Rockabilly Control Room Shirt? Too Bad, it Sold Out Overnight as a Backlash to Idiot Feminists

However, you CAN get one with this design by my buddy, the Earl of Taint!  Soon to be available here.  Or not; there are copyright issues, after all.  But if it goes on sale, it’s the one I’m wearing next time I pull operations duty on a Mars Lander project.  I swear!  Internet fame and feminist ubertroll hall of fame, here I COME!   Bwah hah hahahahah!!
For the background on the bizarre spectacle that left one of the European Space Agency Scientists in tearful apology during the height of the Rosetta Mission landing, see John Gabriel’s article in Ricochet. Or (updating to) an even better one by Cathy Young.  He names the right pathetic science journalist harpy names and sums it up about right. But he leaves out some of the strange details of the victim-fest aftermath, most of which happened behind the scenes on Twitter.
The battle featured on one side a group of mostly American female science journalists and professors along with their henpecked husbands and male associates whom they quite literally guilted into participating.
On the other side was pretty much the whole universe of non-crazy people.  The few crazy ones have waged a pathetically weak defense of Rose Eveleth’s original tantrum over several days.  They focused obsessively on those 12-year-old boys from Indonesia who slammed them with death threats.
The worst thing about that was that they compulsively transferred the guilt of these bizarre anonymous threats, made by weirdoes, onto the academics and others who had legitimate questions, dismissing them all with a single stroke.  That “guilt by association” is not something a man or woman of science should be doing ever.  But to be repeating it non-stop for days is bizarre.
WTF is this guy talking about? NOBODY is defending rape threats except kids on their mom’s twitter account in Outer Ubangi. And yet…
But they completely failed to respond to the  hundreds of reasonable objections.
Over and over again, these (mostly) women rejected objections from (largely) other women who denied that Dr. Taylor’s shirt was sexist, which was very much a valid observation, while harping on imagined logical fallacies and violating all the rules of logical rigor, themselves.  Some of the very worst false rhetoric came from this hateful, childish woman from Pennsylvania, who also happens to be the nagging, feminist, academic  wife of Dr. Nicholas Evans mentioned above.
The central, undeniable problem with the harpies’ case is that there’s a clear violation of any concept of equality. If it’s wrong to bully women about what they wear, then it’s also wrong to bully men. End of story.  It doesn’t friggin’ matter that they have technical papers showing that “women leave STEM field because of this kind of thing.”  Psychology papers that consist of asking women questions about who is to blame for why their lives suck are hardly scientific, or definitive.  Concluding that half the world population must give up their most basic freedoms in deference to embarrassing weaknesses demonstrated by a few of the other half are not scientific, either.

Seriously, the gist of the feminist argument here is that women are too weak to control their own reactions upon gazing on men and their seductive shirts. It’s a demand for men to wear burkas, plain and simple. It’s repulsive.

And, BTW, the ridiculous claim that Dr. Taylor was “representing” the international space community is simply wrong. That was a “locker room” interview that was completely unofficial in the inner sanctum of the MCR and every knows it. The “official” word is always given later, hours after the mission ends, often by people in suits. Only at that time is it appropriate to remark about choice of optics. Really.

Science is in big trouble if this is our brain trust here in the USA.  Some of the schoolgirls being sold as marriage slaves in Nigeria might be reading this right now and shaking their heads, wondering how this is what passes for feminism here.  I wouldn’t blame them for being confused.

Click on #shirtstorm  #shirtgate to see more obsessiveness.


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4 Responses to You Want Dr. Matt Taylor’s Rockabilly Control Room Shirt? Too Bad, it Sold Out Overnight as a Backlash to Idiot Feminists

  1. Wilson says:

    Its disgusting that you would defend that shirt, which obviously needs to be charged with sexual assault for making so many feel uncomfortable. Just another patriarch ugh.

    • Your matriarchal comment makes me feel uncomfortable, but I respect your right to your stupid opinion and I will certainly not ask you to apologize for it. Come back soon. I have a Bechdel Test post around here somewhere that I’m sure you would have an opinion about. We might even agree on it. Maybe.

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