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Grunt Predicts Top Ten Events of 2015

Cross-posted at PoliNation. 10. The Republican party splits into two after bloody internal warfare. The Tea Party splinter party decides on a Rand Paul / Allen West ticket for 2016. The establishment GOP can’t decide between Jeb Bush, John McCain … Continue reading

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Ali Agca Lays Two Bunches of White Roses on JP2’s Tomb For Anniversary, One for Each Bullet

Breitbart – Mehmet Ali Agca, the Turkish man who fired two bullets at point blank range into Pope John Paul II’s body in May 1981, paid a visit to the Pope’s grave on Saturday, laying two bunches of white roses … Continue reading

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Topless FEMEN Activist Takes Baby Jesus from Vatican Nativity Display; Baby Jesus Unharmed and Unamused, but Probably Starting to Think about Lunch

Story from The Guardian.  Hat tip: iOTWReport.

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Merry Christmas to All

Happy Christmas Vigil to everyone! Artwork: The Adoration of the Shepherds, by Charles Le Brun. Poem by Grunt reprinted from Christmas 2012 at The ox inclines his weighty head, and eyes me at the door. The good man and … Continue reading

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North Koreans Hack Grunt’s Computer, Leaving it Infected with Viruses & Porn

Denver, Colorado – The primary work computer of PoliNation blogger GruntOfMonteCristo was found yesterday to be yet another victim of the ruthless hacker army of the rogue state of North Korea. Not long after the U.S. State Department confirmed that … Continue reading

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100% of Communist Dictators Agree: Obama Should Use Executive Action to Bypass Congress Even More

First appeared at PoliNation.  There used to be a time when a Cuban dictator telling an American President to ignore Congress and side with Communism was frowned upon in Washington. Now, not so much. It’s also been revealed that the … Continue reading

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Obamas have Suffered from Rampant American Racism

Breitbart – A modern American president lives in a bubble of security, mostly shielded from the rest of the country. But that doesn’t protect the Obamas from racism, the First Lady says in an exclusive interview with People magazine. Oh … Continue reading

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Tim Hawkins: Parenting Songs

This dude is a riot. And his rock parodies are scary good. It’s like he IS Bono.

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God Messes with Angelina Jolie Right After Granting Miracle

First posted at PoliNation. A couple of days ago, Angelina Jolie recorded a video message distributed by Universal Pictures to explain why she would be conspicuously absent from promotional events prior to the release of her movie Unbroken on Christmas … Continue reading

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Anna Wintour’s Rat Problem Gets Worse

From the NY Daily News: Conde Nast’s rat problem is getting worse rather than better. While Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter tells Confidenti@l that rats stubbornly continue to occupy the new Conde Nast offices at One World Trade Center, we’re … Continue reading

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