America Plummets Past Nigeria on the Way to Achieving Zimbabwe Status in the Well-Being of Our Poor

First posted at PoliNation.
Well, this is one way to solve an immigration crisis. The “Give me your tired, your poor…” line from the Statue of Liberty is only meaningful if we can truly boast that our poor are better off in some way from the worst slums and ghettoes of the third world. Otherwise, who would want to come here? According to a recent urban youth well-being study, we have already lost out to Africa in this struggle. As Diogenes put it, recently, President Obama and his suicidal sycophants in the Black Community share much blame in this:

The destruction of black America under the leadership of Barack Obama is unprecedented since the abolition of slavery, yet they follow blindly, yelling racism.

In the Vocativ graphic below, urban Baltimore is rated below Ibadan, Nigeria in all three categories of well-being.  Hat tip to Diogenes’ Middle Finger News Service for the story.


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