In Case You Missed it this Morning: Orion Test Launch was Flawless

This NASA photo shows the view from the Orion vehicle looking back at Earth during its flight toward a peak altitude of 3600 miles away from the planet.
Watch the video of the launch here:

The Daily Caller: NASA’s new Orion spacecraft successfully set out on its first maiden voyage shortly after 7 a.m. Friday, embarking on a test flight higher above the planet than any manned spacecraft has been in more than four decades. Orion did two orbits. The early dawn launch was executed flawlessly, launching NASA into what the agency described as “the beginning of the Mars era.”

Orion has so far performed all of its mission objectives, including jettisoning its emergency-abort system; firing its second rocket stage into an orbit and a peak altitude of 3,604 miles above the Earth (14 times higher than the International Space Station); separating from its crew module and the second stage of its Delta IV Heavy rocket; and passing through the Van Allen radiation belts surrounding Earth, testing the crew module’s resistance to heavy radiation the craft will experience on deep space missions. Read more at the Daily Caller.


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