Second Military Rescue Attempt in Two Weeks Fails with Two Hostages Dead in Yemen

First appeared at PoliNation.
British-born American photographer Luke Somers was killed by his captors early this morning during a U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six rescue attempt. A South African hostage, Pierre Korkie, was also killed. Quoted by the NY Times, President Obama said in a statement:

It is my highest responsibility to do everything possible to protect American citizens. As this and previous hostage rescue operations demonstrate, the United States will spare no effort to use all of its military, intelligence and diplomatic capabilities to bring Americans home safely, wherever they are located.

The President made no mention of his earlier failure to approve a rescue attempt for James Foley and Steven Sotloff until it was delayed for over a month and was eventually canceled. Those hostages were eventually beheaded on video. He also was vague about his role in repeated “stand down” orders that allowed Americans, including a U.S. Ambassador, to be slaughtered in Benghazi, Libya a few years ago. Further, his strong statement was immediately contradicted by political analysts, speaking anonymously, who assured members of the Press that this failure makes it almost certain that the President will never approve another rescue attempt again out of fear of this kind of failure. In short, nothing the President said this morning has even the remotest chance of resembling any kind of truth, so we can expect it to be widely reported today with total acceptance and enthusiasm by all Media except Fox News and the Jerusalem Post. Image of Sana’a, Yemen by GetInTravel.


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