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It’s Official: Marie Harf’s Legacy has been Enshrined in the Lexicon

She told us to get a dictionary: But she also told us we might be too thick to understand what we found. I really don’t think this is so hard to grasp. The only question is, which definition is official? … Continue reading

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You May Be Cool…

But you’ll never be the unique kind of cool that this guy was. Until today, when Leonard Nimoy passed away at 83 in southern California. We used to swim and catch crawfish on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe within … Continue reading

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We Might Get That Silent Spring After All

Not content with shredding wild birds by the thousands with the spinning scimitars of death in wind farms, Green Energy proponents have found a new way to decimate bird populations. Solar power plants, like the Crescent Dunes Project, are turning … Continue reading

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The Solaratov Report

For all of the bloggers who’ve discussed politics and shooting over the years with the Vietnam Special Forces veteran known as Vladimir Solaratov, we have a PoliNation exclusive report on how old Sol is doing. Last month, Grunt and GruntSon#2 … Continue reading

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That Little Princess Works a Lot Harder Than We Give Him Credit For


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Madonna Snaps at Brit Awards; Kills Four Bull-Costumed Male Dancers with Bare Hands in Drug-Fueled Episode While Performing on Stage

Gruntington Post[London, UK] – A tragic event happened during the closing act of Tuesday’s Brit Awards when Madonna suddenly began acting strangely. She was performing her song “Taurus Love” while dressed as a matador, surrounded by male dancers in bull … Continue reading

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Sally Kohn Has a Problem

The problem is, she and her lesbian partner are caring for a young girl who has found herself in their care, and the girl is turning out to be boy-crazy. This is a problem for Sally, because, as she expressed … Continue reading

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Grunt’s Late Saturday Night (OK, Sunday Night) Movie Micro Review – Get the Gringo

Reprinted from my post at back in 2012 because I just saw it again, and I have to say that Mel is a genius. And not just because I’ve been hitting the Bourbon. Quentin Tarantino couldn’t make a movie … Continue reading

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Politician or Super Villain?

Ever since the lovely Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the evil international organization UNFCCC gave her world domination speech in Brussels, people have been remarking on how “visibly evil” she appeared. In fact, with her piercing, humorless eyes and Mao-inspired … Continue reading

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Maybe It’s Not Time Yet, But It’s Damn Close

From the genius of the Earl of Taint.

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