This About Sums It Up


As Breitbart said, the Nationwide spot could be the worst SuperBowl ad, ever. Obviously ruined the game for anyone who’s lost a child, and that’s a lot of people. Just that Sunday morning at mass, our pastor had a blessing for all couples who’d lost children, and there were many dozens. Possibly a hundred people in that one congregation. And of all things, in our culture of shrink-wrapped, helmet implanted kids, SAFETY is something we’re not enough aware of? Really?

But I think I hated the social engineering ads even more! The “throw like a girl” would’ve been fine if it stopped at encouraging girls in sports, but it made a case for so changing the roles of the sexes and the language that girls would be the ones known for sporting prowess in the future. Little boys would never again tease little girls for not being good at sports. Really? Are women now going to be known as the ones who pay for dinner on dates? Will there even BE ‘dates’ in this new world?

And my favorite, Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman with a scene where Silverman, who is famous for her obnoxiously enthusiastic pro-abortion rhetoric, delivers a baby. Then she says: “Sorry, it’s a boy.” Would have been funny coming from anybody else, but from her, you imagine her plunging him in a bucket of water to drown the useless protoplasm. With her, it’s actually not that far from reality, and that made it not so funny.

You really can’t ask for a more exciting championship game, though. It was literally decided by one play with mere seconds to go. The jury is unanimous on the ads, though, and they were excruciating. If they try putting up another set of ads that suck that bad next year, and the game turns out boring, people may just stop watching entirely.


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