Get Off Your High Horse Made of Straw, Barack

Oh, my Dear God.

I’m at a loss about how to respond to this. Fortunately, BigFurHat is not.
Somewhere in Syria, the last American prisoner, a woman, is waiting to be executed horribly by ISIS, and you can bet her captors are showing her this video to break her spirit. Her spirit must be toast. God be with her.

Meanwhile, Obama’s secret meetings with muslim leaders are closed to the press.  So much for that transparency thing.

Breitbart has some things to say about his stance on equating Christianity and Islam.

And The People’s Cube also praises him for his brave stance on the excessive height of Christian horses that are still carrying crusaders into battle, apparently, murdering innocent, peaceful muslims the world over.

But almost nothing can be added to Mark Levin’s analysis, which is spot on.

And the DiploMad is awesome, as always.


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