SI Cover Model Hannah Davis Defends Photo: “Not That Naughty”

Naughty2Gruntington Post – Swimsuit model Hannah Davis just appeared on NBC’s Today Show with Matt Lauer to talk about her debut on the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine. Because her cover photo has been controversial, NBC chose to cover part of the image with a large red ribbon in the graphic they showed to their TV audience. This prompted Ms. Davis to defend the photo as “not that naughty.”

Shortly after the appearance on the Today Show, Gruntington Post reporter Gruntessa of Monte Cristo was able to ask Ms. Davis a few questions off-camera in the NBC studios.

Gruntessa: “Ms. Davis, some have speculated that your cover shot was merely selected from some behind-the-scenes shots of you while you were changing outfits. After all, you don’t seem to be anywhere close to having your bikini bottoms pulled up over your lady business.”

Hannah Davis: “What? NO! I’m completely wearing that suit! It’s not uncommon to do a little peak-a-boo with the bottoms with thumbs hooked in the straps. Everybody’s doing it now. Really. It’s not that big a deal.”

Gruntessa: “But in this case, it’s clear that an extensive amount of photoshopping was necessary to extend ‘torso smoothness’ a good 6 inches below the point where it’s believable. I’m not even talking about waxing; there’s whole realms of topographical reality that got whitewashed here. Those bottoms were pretty much down around your ankles at that point. Did the tropical breeze make it hard to maintain focus? Did you catch cold?”

Hannah Davis: “Um. I think this interview is over. My body guard is an ex-TSA agent. You might be want to hurry along there.”

Gruntessa: “Thank you , Ms. Davis! I’ll let myself out!” *actual mic drop*

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2 Responses to SI Cover Model Hannah Davis Defends Photo: “Not That Naughty”

  1. Jessie Reyna says:

    I actually chuckled at the TSA Agent statement.

    • Thanks! I actually look like a terrorist, but I never get probed by those guys. On the other hand, my poor wife and my wholesome-looking crew-cut 17-yo son ALWAYS get stopped and strip searched. Cracks me up.

      I was actually just chuckling at your animated GIFs over on your blog (after seeing your comment). Funny stuff!

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