Obamas Maximize Damage Over Holiday Weekend

The Obamas have never been known to think for a microsecond about the impact of their sporting lives on the public, whether it’s in Hawaii or the continental U.S. or on other continents. This is befitting the de facto royalty that they have become, really. Barack’s golf outings, of which there are many, are legendary for displacing entire islands, towns and villages at the busiest possible times, ensuring that the maximum number of people are deprived of the vacations that they have planned for months – sometimes years. Even the unprecedented habit of spending family Christmases off-continent, in Hawaii, is startlingly expensive, not just for the treasury, but for the hundreds of White House staff forced to work away from their families over the holidays. This Presidents Day weekend is no exception.
Severe Weather
As winter refugees flood southern California to hit Disneyland and other entertainment destinations on this precious mid-winter three-day weekend, President Obama is right there in the thick of it with his dozens of flights and hundreds of golf-support vehicles to shut down traffic as far as the eye can see through the light smog.

His wife and daughters, not to be outdone, are in Aspen today on the busiest ski-day of the year. This is a weekend, incidentally, when most Colorado locals avoid skiing altogether because the traffic up the mountain from the tens of thousands of extra out-of-state visitors overwhelms the roads. Add to this the First Lady’s motorcade and all the extra DHS activity, and the family therapists will be busier than ever this year.

It’s funny, though, because Michelle Obama has complained in the past about how she doesn’t have a paying job. The girls attend private schools that are very accommodating to Presidential daughters. She could take the girls skiing in Aspen on any day of the year when there’s snow. Why do it today? That’s a good question; one that will not be asked by any reporters allowed within earshot of these monarchs.

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