Sally Kohn Has a Problem

familyoutlookThe problem is, she and her lesbian partner are caring for a young girl who has found herself in their care, and the girl is turning out to be boy-crazy. This is a problem for Sally, because, as she expressed in her recent Washington Post essay, “I’m gay. And I want my kid to be gay, too.” She argues that this is natural, using so many words, but painfully, purposefully I think, avoiding that one word. Natural.

Why is that, I wonder? To avoid so scrupulously the one word that describes the one thing she’s trying to express, even though she claims that she will support what her ‘daughter’ wants in the way of sexual orientation, no matter what she (Sally) wants. How big of her. She will defer to what is natural in her daughter, even though she wants badly to express that it is natural for her to want otherwise.

Is it because, Sally, that it is in no way natural for you and your partner to have a little girl to raise, and that you know this? I’m asking this question without being aware of the origin of this precious little girl that you are raising. Clearly, her origin was completely natural. I know this. Perhaps you or your partner actually, physically gave birth to her. Perhaps you adopted her. But I also know that you did not do this without some unnatural, or even illegal, act. Despite this, I’m sure your ‘daughter’ will turn out just fine. I’m also sure that both of you could be even better off if you’d learn to say the word. Maybe, some day, you also could learn to be completely consistent in your respect for what is natural and what is good.


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2 Responses to Sally Kohn Has a Problem

  1. Adrienne says:

    Think on this, Grunt – the girl is SIX YEARS OLD and she’s boy crazy? Six year old girls should not be boy crazy. The kid is living in a highly sexulized atmosphere brought on by her two disgusting dyke “mommies.” Where I come from they call that child abuse.

    Also – if your disgusto meter is not already off the charts, think on this. Imagine that little kid climbing into bed with her “mommies” as kids like to do. What exactly is she witnessing there? Makes me want to spit.

    • Oh, I’m with you. There’s a reason why this is explicitly illegal in most states. The potential for sexual misconduct aside, Kohn admits that she and her partner have purposely filled their home with alternative lifestyle propaganda and toy choices for their little girl. Yet she admits it pushes her in a way that might make her permanently unhappy. Great parenting.

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