Jane Fonda to Warn the UN about Mysterious New Terrorist Threat

JFGruntington Post [United Nations] – Hollywood actress, radical and war criminal, Jane Fonda, was interviewed on Wednesday by the Associated Press prior to United Nations meetings next week where she will speak about progress toward women’s equality.  Her message?  “The most intractable problem that humanity faces is the problem of Patriarchy,” which she blames for the rise in terrorism and the destruction of the environment throughout the World.

Miss Fonda declined to specify the identity of this new “Patriarchy” person, but from her description, he appears to be some kind of superhuman terrorist leader.  Her comments make it unclear, however, if the person is even a human being.  He’s clearly a male of some species, but she also described him as a “beast, thrashing about, flailing its tail with the barbs on it, and a lot of people are really getting hurt badly.”  Some are speculating that the name implies some supernatural aspect, perhaps even an archangel of some kind.

image2This theory is consistent with a figure from one of her past movies, Barbarella, in which an adversary took the form of a winged man.  Miss Fonda is pictured at left with Pygar (note the name also starting with a ‘P’).  Clearly, she is in some form of distress and helplessness before the power of Pygar, now possibly called Patriarchy.  Oddly, her character is not always so helpless in the presence of the winged creature, as illustrated by the movie still, below right.

Pygar-and-BarbarellaMiss Fonda also commented on the need for strong female world leadership.  Changing laws “is a huge step forward” and helps empower victims, she said, but to achieve equality many other things are needed as well.

“You need women elected to office, you need movements in the streets, you need social media, you need every single form of social protest and speaking truth to power that’s possible,” Fonda said.

And a woman leader must lead “as a woman and not as a man in skirts” who thinks she needs to prove she’s not weak, she said.

Her value “is to bring her woman-ness to her leadership style” which means empathy, compassion and “someone whose head and heart are not bifurcated,” she said but then exclaimed, “Oh shit.  Did I just use the word ‘bifurcated’?  I was saving that for the UN speech.  I didn’t also just say ‘intractable’ did I?”

Go to TowhHall.com to see more of her interview where she really does say most of these things. Cross-posted at PoliNation.


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5 Responses to Jane Fonda to Warn the UN about Mysterious New Terrorist Threat

  1. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/patriarchy 1.
    a. A social system in which the father is the head of the family.
    b. A family, community, or society based on this system or governed by men.
    a. Dominance of a society by men, or the values that uphold such dominance.
    b. The collection of men in positions of power, exerting such dominance. In all senses also called patriarchate.

    What Fonda is talking about seems clear enough. As far as being obscure goes … you are hard to beat.

  2. Solaratov says:

    Did you know that Delta employees did this? Thank you, Delta.

    Delta Honor Guard – YouTube

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