Obama Finally Has a Positive Impact: Israelis Claim “Obama Interference” Propelled Netanyahu to Victory

Obama-Pissed2jFor months now, we’ve been bombarded by political analysis after analysis claiming that Netanyahu was finished – that he was losing his chess game with the brilliant Obama foreign policy juggernaut. That he’d completely “blown his wad” and was headed for defeat. It seems that the Israelis knew different all along. Last month, the Jerusalem Post reported on a poll that showed Israelis firmly believed Obama was ‘interfering’ in Israeli elections.

Here at home, Fox News had a clue toward the end, as indicated by what Steven Edwards wrote two weeks ago:

Israelis are increasingly convinced President Obama is meddling in their upcoming election, and some observers predict the White House’s alleged effort to undermine Benjamin Netanyahu could indeed wind up tipping the scales – in favor of the prime minister.

But what gives me real confidence that our idiot President really pushed Netanyahu to victory is the word of an Israeli acquaintance, Yitzchak, who just emailed me this today:

It seems that obama’s attempts to fund and direct Bibi’s de-election campaign actually did just the opposite.  🙂  He so scared the Israelis that they came out en masse for [Bibi’s] support.

Good job Barack. You “keep doing you.

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6 Responses to Obama Finally Has a Positive Impact: Israelis Claim “Obama Interference” Propelled Netanyahu to Victory

  1. Heheheh!

  2. Taking the opposite position of Barack Hussein Obama is a pretty safe bet anywhere on the planet!

  3. yitzchak says:

    Its far from over. We still have to form a coalition, and while it seems that labor can’t, that isn’t certain. Likewise the demands of the ultra orthodox parties may amount to political suicide for Bibi, which may give labor a go ahead to try and for a coalition or force a “unity” government. Failing all of that, we go to new elections.

    The results are not predictable.

    • Excellent points, Yitzchak. Americans (myself included) have a hard time grasping the complexities of a true multi-party system or even coalition governments. But hopefully our interference, at least, is out of the equation.

      Sorry you ended up in moderation this morning. It was automatic, and I’m just getting around to checking now. Thanks for the comment!

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