Mysterious Campaign Posters Appear with Unidentifiable Woman Candidate for President 2016

It’s clearly not Hillary Clinton. It bears a striking resemblance to Queen Nefertiti. Hasn’t she been dead for 3300 years? We’re really pushing the eligibility clause now, aren’t we?

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13 Responses to Mysterious Campaign Posters Appear with Unidentifiable Woman Candidate for President 2016

  1. Don’t they usually put a number under those profile shots? Hillary knows politics.

    • Awesome, Proof! But the photoshop was already strong in this one! I want to know what they did with 2 of her 3 chins! Her jawline wasn’t that well defined when she was 20. And the nose was never that aquiline. But my wife first noticed the hairline had been completely restored to 1992 vintage. Where does she get the artists to do this stuff? She must pay them well.

  2. Proof says:

    Although it is true they do wonders with makeup. Kathy Griffith could turn Marine drill sergeants to stone with her unaltered face.
    Last picture I saw of her talking with Bill, she had wrinkles on her cheek like a macadam road from her eyes nearly to her chin. I was thinking I hadn’t seen that many furrows since Spring planting!

  3. Proof says:

    Check out this face…

  4. Proof says:

    I’m thinking her people have air brushes the size of fire hoses!

    • Hah! And a staff of dozens of Oompah Loompah’s in the basement, all with their own self-destructive work stations and hard drives. I can’t wait for the Geraldo special ghost-hunter show in the tunnels of Chappaqua after they move out.

  5. I guess having a separate Quicken category for Photoshop artist expenses runs in the family.

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