What is Wrong with Sally Kohn? No, Really.

Milo poses a good question. Maybe this tweet from earlier gives us a clue about what made her the inscrutable mess that she is.

I wonder how you’d feel at an abortion rally as a young girl, hanging out with your mom who was determined to show you that the only reason you were alive is that she happened to be having one of her ‘non-crazy’ days when she decided to give birth to you, but that it would have been totally cool if she’d decided to have your head ripped off in the womb by a trained professional, instead.

But who knows? Maybe this ‘daughter’ she speaks of is not really a precise analogy to herself, since she never made the decision to give birth to her, as far as I know. Her ‘daughter’ is the adopted child of Sally and her lesbian partner. They’re taking care of her for the moment, or at least until they get tired of her, or the laws in her state are finally changed back so that such a thing isn’t legal any more. After all, there’s a reason why most people have an issue with adopting out their baby son to be raised by two gay dudes. Or their little girl to be raised by women who really like – you know – girls. So, maybe, compared to all that, going to the abortion rally isn’t quite so traumatic for this girl? Let’s hope.

Live Action News had a really good recent piece that responded to Sally Kohn’s article in the Daily Beast entitled: “Abortion Access for All Our Daughters.” Sally seems to like that word. Daughters. I don’t know for sure if she really knows what that word means. For one thing, I don’t think it’s as optional or portable as Sally thinks that it is. A daughter, to me, is someone who has a father, in some acknowledged sense, whether he’s around or not. And a daughter is someone you never have to decide whether to kill or not. That part doesn’t really enter my definition. And, you know, if it ever DID enter my decision-making process for a daughter of mine, during a moment of complete insanity, it certainly wouldn’t be something I was compelled to explain to my daughter to the point of forcing her to attend pro-infant-daughter murder rallies.

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4 Responses to What is Wrong with Sally Kohn? No, Really.

  1. I think Sally says outrageous things just to get attention. Seems like I see her on Twitchy about every 2-3 days.

  2. I’m not a psychoanalyst and I don’t play one on TV, but if I can’t help thinking that Sally is someone who has been wounded deeply.

    • I honestly sympathize with anyone who has been raised from childhood by leftists, and Sally’s mom was quite the lefty-looney. I think of Joy Davidman’s (C.S. Lewis’ wife) book about being raised by Communist Brooklynites. The story is always depressing. Leftists, without exception, seem to care more about saving the world than about their own children. It’s like a pathology. I’m sure Sally is still working that out. But you know what? We all have our childhood traumas. I know you’re no exception, Blue. But you and I managed to get through our traumas without doing so on the World Stage, you know? We managed to do it without writing 15 best-sellers as personal therapy. And that’s important, because those goddamn therapeutic books and wandering psychopathic public careers are not harmless. They fuck up other young people! They did me! It took me years to unlearn some of the shit I was forced to read in school. And one of my poor sisters may never recover from what she learned in liberal academia despite having a pretty good childhood and family life. That’s inexcusable.

      My message to people like Sally Kohn? Let us help. But first, DO NO HARM, you idiot! Keep a little of your insanity between you and your closest friends, like the rest of us do, ok? Geez.

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