James Taylor Shows Up to Interview Bombed on Powerful Hallucinogens, Claims Obama Greatest President of All Time

Well, this improves my esteem for Carly Simon considerably. At one time, she had the good sense to cut off her wastoid first husband and make a new start. She sure could recognize incurable insanity or thermonuclear drug use. You have to give her credit. Just today, Carly’s ex, James Taylor, gave an interview in which he showed himself to still be tragically impaired in every sense of the word. More on that later.
James Taylor, as you know, is a beloved folk singer from North Carolina known for a number of acoustic guitar ballads like “Fire and Rain,” which some mistake for a transformative life anthem. It is actually a fairly desolate song about the meaningless suicide of a fellow spoiled, rich trust-fund college kid, written at a time when Taylor also suffered from crushing depression precipitated, perhaps, by his father’s stunning success as a medical doctor and professor and, no doubt, his massive white privilege.

I prefer to remember him for his disappointing New Moon Shine disk released much later in his career. It was musically interesting, and at first the lead song Copper Line seemed to paint an uplifting portrait of small town America. I was impressed, until I realized that the song had largely been poached from another more regional and less popular band whose song about growing up in moonshine country used many similar lyrics, especially the term “copper line,” which is the well-known term for the cooling plumbing used in distilling setups. Later on, I heard Taylor in a radio interview being asked about the origin of the title of the song “Copper Line.” He claimed to not even know what it meant, and said they were just random words that somehow reminded him of the area in North Carolina around Chapel Hill where he grew up. What an unconvincing liar. But what a great Democrat! And he proved it with another song from that same CD entitled “Slap Leather” which openly mocked Ronald Reagan as a buffoonish cowboy.

Back to the interview published today, James really surprised a lot of people by insisting that not only is Barack Obama his #1 favorite President, he is clearly the “greatest” President of all time. He also called the President “sane” and “balanced.” (*ahem*) He followed this up with even more outrageous opinions about how the U.S. Congress is responsible, alone, for Barack not getting anything worthwhile done in six years. That’s an impressive charge. But I found his praise of Hilary Clinton even more astounding. He claimed that she was “right for the job” and was the only candidate who could “unite” Americans. Really. I am not making that up. Neither am I kidding about being physically ill right now. Read more about JT’s private fantasies at Fox News.


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9 Responses to James Taylor Shows Up to Interview Bombed on Powerful Hallucinogens, Claims Obama Greatest President of All Time

  1. Adrienne says:

    I couldn’t care less what James Taylor has to say about anything – including music.

  2. MadJack says:

    I can’t stand his voice, his music or his political opinions. Carly got rid of his sorry ass because she couldn’t stand him either. đŸ˜¦ With his latest asshattery about Obama he is certifiable.

  3. proof says:

    I always liked Copper Line. It was the last song of “his” I really liked. Just no honor among liberals and thieves…but I repeat myself!

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