For Those Who Gave All

And those still missing, who are known only to God.

We honor you, Gentlemen and Ladies. Forever.


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22 Responses to For Those Who Gave All

  1. And we honor your memories, by continuing to fulfill the mission you died for.
    Well . . . we hope.
    Feels like Bibi desecrating his brother’s memory, and doing exactly what his brother died to prevent.

    • Indeed. Israel – always on the front line. I haven’t been paying attention very well. What Bibi action?

    • Oh, I know what you mean. I did read about that deal-making, and it still sickens me.

      • It is especially sick, because the freed terrorists from the Shalit deal have committed many murders since – murders that would not have happened had Bibi not caved.

      • Also when you think about who died so that America could become America – and now the Obamanation is not really fulfilling the dreams of the founding fathers; it is trampling on the rights of so many people that it’s truly sickening.
        I think we have all lost our way.

      • I think it’s more than a feeling at this point, yes. 😦

    • solaratov says:

      Today has nothing to do with Israel or with what Bibi did or didn’t do. Today has to do with honoring those who gave all…in part, so that you’d have the freedom to bitch about Bibi without fearing the late-night pounding on your door.
      It also has to do with realizing that to continue to enjoy those freedoms that we take for granted, many more of our finest people are going to make that same sacrifice. And there is no guarantee that we’ll be able to keep those freedoms. Too many are already willing to trade their freedom for the false security of soft slavery.

      Enough! Enjoy the day.

      • Today (more like yesterday) has to do with people who gave their lives so that others could live free. Mainly, Americans who did so, but not necessarily.
        By the way, I just want you to realize that although you seem to think that freedom of speech and thought is an American-invented right, it was actually invented thousands of years ago, and under the Jewish kings, no one was punished for what he thought or said – only for what he did, and only if it hurt another person or the community.
        Just. By the way.
        And slavery, yeah, sure it existed – and the master had to give his slave the best of everything. Only one pillow? Slave gets it. Your son needs a wife? It would be a very good thing to do (for the maid, obviously) if you made her your son’s wife (wife! not concubine! and she can sue her husband in court!).

        Really, if we want to keep our freedoms, we will have to stop being politically correct, stop playing the “Everyone is A Good Person, Everyone Means Well, We are Helping the Whole World” game, and learn to listen to what people are saying.

        Really, this has EVERYTHING to do with Israel, because Israel is the only country who actually recognizes radical Islam as a threat, and if radical Islam takes over (and/or kills the world’s shield, named Israel), we will ALL lose our freedom, because radical Islam will give the world the same choice that the Spaniards gave the Jews in 1492: Convert or die. And those who converted will have a very, very hard time being Marranos, because Muslims are much more nitpicky than the Christians were then.

        Polygamy, child marriage, FGM, anyone? Murder for those who do not do Allah’s will? Yallah, let’s go – it sounds like you think freedom is dependent on American heros.

        Except that the biggest American “hero”, the president, is about to sell the world’s freedom and the world’s lives, as long as he can go down in history as He Who Made A Deal With Iran, and He Who Solved The Middle East Conflict And Divided Israel In Half, Forcing Its Destruction.

        But none of that matters, because this has nothing to do with Israel, or Iran, does it?

        I’m so sorry about that. For some reason, I got mixed up and thought that Israel being allowed to nuke Iran would actually save the United States, and I got this crazy idea that if the world allowed Israel to fight terrorists, and followed Israel’s example, then maybe we wouldn’t have to worry about the having to live under Shariah law.

        But you’re right, this has nothing to do with Israel, and only to do with the slavery of Africans, Abraham Lincoln, and poppies.

        Sorry about that. Have a good day.

  2. 1madjack says:

    Most excellent post by Solaratov! With each passing Memorial Day as I approach 70 years of age it is a sadder and sadder remembrance for me. All those dear friends that I served with in Vietnam get to be fewer and fewer with each passing year. And to those friends that never returned from there it is harder to bear with each passing year. I salute and honor all our veterans past, present and future. So many have given so much to keep America the great nation it is. God Bless them all.

  3. solaratov says:

    I thought that this was interesting………………..




    DATE: May 25, 2015

    On the news Sunday morning, I had the pleasure of watching the now customary Memorial Day Weekend interrogation of average American voters. As expected, most the respondents had this clueless look on their face and fumbled their way to a half-assed answer that made about zero sense. One college aged child actually said it was a day to remember to thank his parents. Because … obviously they did such a good job raising him.

    Isn’t the news great? Last week, I watched as ISIS members triumphantly happy-danced all over their newly conquered city of Ramadi. For good measure, they included a nice video clip of our “local allies” quite bravely and heroically running away.

    This was, to put it mildly, disturbing. You see, many of the kids that were sent off to fight for our fanciful ideals of liberty, freedom, democracy, WMDs, iPhones, and the Kardashians, spent a little time in that city. And by “time” what I mean to say is that they died rather gruesome unceremonious deaths, trying to bring peace to the very same land that ISIS is now throwing a parade in.

    Once those lucky enough to live got home, they were euphemistically thanked for their service and then dumped back into the great American society. And whilst America looks on in bewilderment, our boys continue to die rather gruesome unceremonious deaths, this time, trying to bring peace to their minds.

    So many have chosen suicide, that for a lot of us still kicking, the horrific images of war, have now been replaced by the horrific images of peace; a hanging corpse, brain matter splattered on the car window, or a rotting pile of flesh decaying in the wilderness for three months before it is found by hikers.

    And what was it all for in the first place?Was it to be remembered once a year, kinda like the Easter Bunny? Was it to be honored once a year, kinda like Cupid? Perhaps it was to be corporately franchised once a year, kinda like Jesus?

    It certainly was not for ISIS, Bush, Al-Qaeda, Obama, The Taliban, or Congress.

    The truth is, it doesn’t really matter. We don’t need a righteous cause. We don’t need politicians to thank us for our service. We don’t need any of them.

    What we did—good or bad, just or unjust, worthwhile or lost— was an experience. And that’s all life is. The bad experiences can teach us just how wonderful the good experiences can be. The good experiences can remind us just how terrible the bad experiences can be. To know the difference you must have lived each.

    After you have eaten a double stacked shit-sandwich, a PB&J will taste better than anything you have ever remembered.

    And for those idiots that think Memorial Day is just a day off of work to barbecue, drink beer, and have a good time. Ignore them, they don’t know any better. And you know what, Memorial Day is a great day to have a barbecue, drink beer, and have a good time. Not a day goes by where I don’t have to fight back tears wishing my brother was still here. If he was here though, I am sure he would have the grill going in the back right now. I know for a fact he would have a beer in his hand.

    As for that sinking feeling of betrayal that you feel. I feel it too. You are not alone.

    It is not our country that has betrayed us. Our country is a philosophy. Our country is an idea. Let us not mix the actions of our government with the actions of our philosophy.

    And to that same government, remember this:

    We are not the “peaceful” generation; we won’t just watch. We are not the “greatest” generation; we don’t need a cause. We are a different kind of generation. We are the Heroes of Lost Fucking Causes. Did you see what we did in Iraq and Afghanistan? Did you see the carnage we spread? According to the News … we did that … because it was Tuesday. Imagine what we could do to someone we actually have a personal problem with, perhaps someone who betrayed us.

    Imagine what we could do if we had a truly just cause, perhaps restoring liberty to our own homes.

    I leave you with these words, given to a guard, by a man about to be hung for the crime of fighting to liberate others from government approved enslavement:

    “I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land can never be purged away but with blood”

    Dimitrios Karras

  4. solaratov says:

    “But you’re right, this has nothing to do with Israel, and only to do with the slavery of Africans, Abraham Lincoln, and poppies.”

    Nice try, littleduckies, but you’re wrong. Memorial Day has NOTHING to do with Israel, Lincoln, slavery, poppies, or anything of that nature. It has to do with only ONE thing: honoring those who died in service to America. It’s not even to honor living service people or veterans….only those who have died.

    [How is it that people don’t know this?]

    • How do you honor someone’s memory, if not by living the way they wanted us to, and continuing to fight for the causes that they died for?

      Like I said, Yoni Netanyahu died so that we would not have to free terrorists in order to bring home our countrymen. Therefore, this is a cause that he believed in, and sacrificed his life for.
      Therefore, if we want to honor Yoni Netanyahu’s memory, we should do what he stood for, and what he would have wanted us to be doing – finding creative ways to bring our brothers home WITHOUT freeing terrorists in the process.

      Kind of like people who set up funds or organizations to honor the memory of a loved one – they do it because that is what their loved one stood for, and that is what would have made them happy, and what they would have wanted to do had they still been alive.
      Therefore, to honor them – and their memories – family or friends created an organization or started a fund or whatever they did, so that they will not have died in vain.

      If we don’t make sure that the people who died didn’t die in vain, how under the sun are we supposed to honor their memories? Somehow, flowers and nice thoughts seem kind of empty, no?

      But if you still don’t get it, then forget it. It seems that my point went utterly, completely, over your head.

      • solaratov says:

        But if you still don’t get it, then forget it. It seems that my point went utterly, completely, over your head.

        You don’t seem to be making a point. Memorial Day exists for one, specific reason: to honor our dead…our fallen. No one else. Not the Brits, nor the Canadians, nor the French nor the Israelis. OUR American dead.
        That doesn’t mean that we don’t honor those others who have passed on. Just that Memorial Day is for our own.

        The only way that one cannot understand that is to be intentionally dense or so wrapped in political correctness to be incapable of understanding what I am saying. In either case, I don’t feel that further discussion would be worth pursuing.

      • Oracle says:

        You missed her point. She was making an analogy. Bibi happens to be a particularly poignant example of a certain kind of disrespect that politicians often show to those who gave their lives for their country.

        Note: Even though the LittleDuckies name comes from an Israeli site run by his wife, Chana, the commenter here is actually Yitzchak, an Israeli rabbi. -Grunt

    • By the way, do you know that Israel has over 23,300 people who died, either fighting to keep the country free, or in terror attacks? And we’re not talking just about wars that happened, we’re talking about numbers that, unfortunately, rise every year. (May no one I know ever be added to that list, amen.)
      So I think we kind of DO know what Memorial day is about. There are no parades and no barbecues here on Memorial Day. Just a siren that scares the life out of you and shops that are closed to honor the memories of the fallen. Nobody makes jokes and nobody goes shopping to catch great Memorial Day sales.

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