Beirut Bombshell: Greatest Threat Facing Mankind Is NOT Global Warming

Nope. Apparently, it’s Israel.
Wow, look at all these green countries. Sunni or Shia, it doesn’t seem to matter. The biggest threat they face and the reason that they are all struggling with crushing economic, cultural, technological and environmental failure is just one word: Israel. Such a relief! At least we know that Bill Nye and Al Sharpton are wrong about that whole “climate control” thing.

Breitbart(Washington DC) – Muslim clerics gathered in Beirut on Wednesday to kick off the Khomeinist International Union of Resistance conference, where “scholars” discussed how to stand up against the “cancerous tumor of Israel,” according to reports from Lebanese and Iranian media outlets.

Radical Iranian cleric Mohsen Araki said that destroying Israel and “countering the arrogant world” should be the two main priorities for “resistance clerics,” reports Iran’s state-run Taghrib News.

Araki, who once served as Iranian dictator Ali Khamenei’s representative in London, continued with his speech. “Standing against the arrogant world and its representative in the region, the cancerous tumor of Israel, is a must which should be shouldered by resistance clerics and leaders,” he said, according to the state-media report. Read more at Breitbart.


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14 Responses to Beirut Bombshell: Greatest Threat Facing Mankind Is NOT Global Warming

  1. trailbee says:

    This could actually be true. Give these backward countries another five years with their tech toys, and their children’s screwed up minds will begin to unravel and search for more stimulation than praying five times a day. Israel is the druggie on the corner, offering the goodies. No wonder the old folks are looking at Israel’s track record and economy. They are unhappy and want them gone. Just lob a little neighborhood nuke over the fence, and make that problem disappear.

    • Good point, Trail. Success is always the enemy of the determined incompetent. And after Israel is gone, then America is the #1 enemy. Then Europe and Russia. By the time they get to China, that game won’t work, because China will just invade them all and ‘Tibet’ them.

  2. solaratov says:

    I know this is off thread/subject, but gotta drop it somewhere…………….

    via Five Feet of Fury…….
    Why else did you think Mexicans celebrate a girl’s 15th birthday?
    May 28, 2015 Kathy Shaidle
    This is old news to me, thanks to VDare:
    The legal age of heterosexual consent in Mexico is 12.
    Mexican men have a reputation for leering and worse at little girls, which shouldn`t surprise us, since sex with children is socially acceptable in Mexico. Fifteen-year-old girls have a ceremony called a Quinceañera which announces their availability to become wives, mothers and girlfriends. In America, children of that age are expected to complete three more years of high school, to be followed hopefully by a college education. But in Mexico, young girls are considered available, according to law and custom.
    A 2005 news report from North Carolina found that “Culture might be factor in sexual abuse“, [By Annette Newell, News 14 Carolina, June, 21, 2005] referring to Hispanic men`s propensity to prey upon little girls. The story tip-toed around the obvious fact that foreigners bring their cultures with them, ranging from tasty cuisine to child sex abuse.
    (Contrary to liberal belief, a Quinceanera isn’t like a Bat Mitvah, because that would involved reading, and, well…)
    Anyhow, here’s Ann Coulter, giving a glimpse of her new book:
    — At least 15 percent of all births in Peru and Argentina are to girls between the ages of 10 and 15. In the U.S., only 2 percent of births are to girls that young, and those are mostly Hispanics, who are seven times more likely to give birth at that age than white girls are.
    — In all of Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel combined, there have been eight reported births to girls aged 10 or younger. Seven of the eight were impregnated by immigrants.
    — In some areas of America, law enforcement authorities have given up on prosecuting statutory rape cases against Mexican men in their 30s who impregnate 12- and 13-year-old girls, after repeatedly encountering parents who view their little girls’ pregnancies as a “blessing.”
    — The same North Carolina newspapers that gave flood-the-zone coverage to a rape that never happened at a Duke lacrosse party completely ignore real rapes happening right under their noses, being committed against children by immigrants providing cheap labor to the state’s farming and meat-packing industries.

    • This is fine, here, Sol. I like Kathy Shaidle, and I get her point, which is that uncontrolled immigration is a problem that the Obama administration is “blessing” us with.

      I DO get a little irritated by unreserved Mexican-bashing, like she and Ann Coulter do so much of. Let’s face it. Ann’s mom is from Paduca, KY, and my wife is from eastern Kentucky. There are lots of gratuitous hillbilly bashing you can do about those places involving incest and sex with underage girls. But I’m kinda sick of all of it. Calling the people of a region child-molesters, without reservation, based on the sins of the lowest scum, is pretty stupid. (Islam is an exception because it is wholeheartedly endorsed by it’s founder.) Implicating the beautiful tradition of quinceanera as an excuse to “have at it” seems pretty insulting to me, as well. I’ve been to a number of quinceaneras of close friends’ daughters, and let’s just say that the accusation against it disgusts me.

      And you know what else is disgusting? That comparison of births to girls 8-15 years old. Anybody with a brain knows that there are plenty of underage pregnancies in 1st world countries. Maybe the same number as Mexico. We have just as many sickos. But here, we are also cursed with an efficient and gov’t-sanctioned abortion machine that takes care of virtually all those pregnancies. I would think Kathy would know that.

      But I’m not criticizing your posting of this, Sol. The immigration thing is a serious point right now, and it’s going to kill us if we don’t stop what Barry’s doing. Also, the legal Mexicans around here are some of the most outspoken against what he’s doing.

      • solaratov says:

        That makes me really disappointed in Schaidle…and is going to make me look at anything I get from her with rather a jaundiced eye from now on.

        Half-truths are just as much of a lie as anything else.

    • Shaidle has some good points, though. She’s completely right about our media sheltering immigrant crime and feasting on fake white-boy rape cases. All that stuff is pretty shameful and needs to be called out. Immigrant crime is a big deal, and it’s only going to get worse with O’Bozo at the helm.

      Maybe I get a little too sensitive about the wetback-bashing. I got no problem with the joking around. But I think it’s a little ignorant when people judge all of hispanic culture by the Rio Grande border towns. Yeah, I’ve known a slutty Peruvian chick or two, but one of the most cultured, educated and lovely women I know in the whole world is from Santiago, Chile, married to a good friend who’s a U.S. Ordinance Disposal monkey. And the Spanish culture is older and deeper than ours, and not unworthy of some esteem. Of course, you’ve been south of the border more than I have, so your opinions are better than mine!

      • solaratov says:

        I don’t think that it’s at all true that my opinions are better than yours on that subject…given that most of the people I had to deal with (on both sides of the gun) were not the sort whom I would have invited home to meet the family and enjoy a BBQ. Some were great. Many were not (to put it politely). (In fact, I would have gladly shot some of my employers…gratis)

        I think, however, that we are going to see a lot more of the low form immigrant/wetback; simply because that is what our administration is inviting into our country. I believe that that is the type which better suits the needs and aims of the left. The lower forms can be better counted on to bear in mind who allowed them in, gave them amnesty and provided them welfare…whereas the higher type would be more inclined to actually assimilate and would probably become – in the long run – more conservative in their voting and outlook; preferring the America that they had dreamed of.

        Or not. What the hell do I know?

    • Same here, Sol. Who knows? But I agree with what you said. We’ll be overrun with pimps and cartel pendejos in no time if Barry has anything to say about it. And he does, even if the courts decide against him. What does he care?

  3. Wow, what would they do if they didn’t have us to blame for their faiures? I think they should pay us to stick around and take blame.

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