Male Backlash Brewing: Feminists Are Proving Themselves More Childish In Reality Than Any Misogynistic Neanderthal Fever Dream

Women-in-STEM advocates may be the point of the feminist spear, but they clearly don’t seem to see what’s coming. I think Feminists are setting themselves up to lose this war-of-the-sexes and lose badly. For that, they may thank the most educated and prestigious feminists of all – the dedicated advocates for more women in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields. The indications are all there in yesterday’s British Sky News interview/debate with Brietbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos and educator Dr. Emily Grossman. As a brawl, it was a thrill to watch, but it was especially good because both sides articulately presented their cases in a way that was very evenly matched. No one was bullied in this interview.

The problem is that the women-in-STEM case, presented here by Dr. Grossman, but also by many other feminist voices like the Atlantic’s Rose Eveleth, Janet Stemwedel, Kelly Hills, Nicholas Evans, Katie Hinde, Ed Yong, etc., is so transparently irrational. It’s now openly claimed that young women should be given magnificent incentives to take STEM jobs, including protection from the slightest competition or discouragement, not just in spite of the fact that they are admittedly unsuited and unwilling to reach parity with men in those jobs, but because of that fact. And this demand is always accompanied by the inexplicable willingness to accomplish this by the active suppression of young men in these fields. Any notion of equality was clearly thrown out a long time ago.

Does anybody else see where this is going? Milo Yiannopoulos does, and he points it out in this interview and in other writings that young men entering the work force today are increasingly unwilling to grant women this kind of slack. Not only that, but he has written extensively about the sexually blighted youth culture especially in the UK, that is characterized by a deep-seated and growing misogyny and bitterness among young men.  We could be entering an era where the majority of educated men see women as naturally irrational, inferior and useless.  Way to go, feminists. I’m too young to know if there was a lot of true misogyny in Anglo-American culture back in the 1950s, but we’re sure seeing a lot of it now. Well done, ladies.


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4 Responses to Male Backlash Brewing: Feminists Are Proving Themselves More Childish In Reality Than Any Misogynistic Neanderthal Fever Dream

  1. Steve says:

    Rush Limbaugh reacts to Bruce Jenner becoming “Caitlyn”:

  2. 1madjack says:

    Monte, misogyny in the 1950s? Not that I recall. I remember that my Dad and all his buddies LOVED women. These however were all WWII vets and from the Greatest Generation. Somewhere in the 60s amongst the Free Love movement, two Kennedy boys and Martin Luther King being assassinated, the Vietnam War, LBJ, Model Cities and Gloria Steinhem, misogyny started getting a foothold. They speak of equality between the sexes now but how many years were women treated unequally. I know the playing field should be equal but in some cases it just isn’t possible. I am soon to be a great grandfather and I wonder what it will be like for my great-granddaughter? Sometimes progress is not cracked up to be what it is supposed to be.

  3. “Sometimes progress is not cracked up to be what it is supposed to be.”

    Couldn’t say it better myself, Friend. One thing I know more certain than almost anything else. Not a single thing was ever accomplished by whining. All progress is made by example. You want to show that Christianity is better than the alternative? Show me. You want women to be equal? Prove it. Show yourself equal, even as you suffer from inequality.

    And don’t worry about what I said about the 1950s. I’ve seen enough to know about our Greatest Generation, even if they were old by the time I got to know them. 🙂

  4. Oh, and this stupid shit really helps the feminist case:

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