Countdown to Paris Air Show 2015

The big air show at Le Bourget Airport outside Paris is only 3 days away, and Boeing test pilots have a snazzy routine lined up which includes an impressive short field, near vertical take-off. It won’t impress the Russians or the French much, and after all, it’s an empty plane, but it’s still shows off some muscular American chops.

The Airbus A380 does pretty much the same things in this video, although it’s much bigger and more lumbering. I think the Boeing will impress as a more nimble plane.

Looks like the big story is what will NOT be there this year. No Lockheed Martin F-35 or Russian Sukhoi fighters.

And that’s a shame, because the F-35 flight at Yuma recently was pretty amazing.

If you’re like me, and you can’t make it to Le Bourget this June, the closest thing might be watching the only modern movie to be filmed directly over Paris (in part) and one of the only ones to use almost exclusively real air-to-air photography rather than effects: Les Chavaliers du Ciel (Knights of the Sky), or Skyfighters, as it was marketed in the U.S.

The scenes at Farnborough give a pretty good flavor of being at a big European air show, and the beautiful flying footage over the Mediterranean, Africa and the Alps make it worth seeing anytime. I recommend seeing it in French, though. The English dubbing is terrible, but the subtitles work fine.


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10 Responses to Countdown to Paris Air Show 2015

  1. 1madjack says:

    I love Air Shows but thanks to Oblowme’s anti-military stance we no longer have Air Shows. Last good show in 2008 we got to witness an F-18 go supersonic just as he passed overhead. Hadn’t seen this since 1969 while over in Nam. Back then it was F4 Phantoms and the sleek F8 Crusader, my personal favorite, and the best last true gun equipped fighter.

    The short video at the end was pretty damn cool.

    • Same here! Air shows were always a big deal for me, but O’BlowMe has kinda killed that off. I’ll never forget showing off my future wife to my parents at the Dayton Air Show, when they first met her. She’s kinda like a sleek, hot little fighter plane. 😉

      I sure remember the F8s, but the F4s loom the biggest in my memory. When I was a young engineer, they were still being used a lot, and I remember waking up every morning to the booming/shrieking sounds of the pilots getting their cow-scaring time in.

  2. 1madjack says:

    These new Jet Airliners about fly themselves. Reminds me of this song 🙂

  3. trailbee says:

    I watched the Dreamliner vid yesterday and thought of all those short runways on mountains or small islands. That was one beautiful take-off.

    • That’s a good point, Bee! My first thought was to try to remember if the MH-370 lost plane was this nimble. It certainly had a lot of the same capabilities (range, etc.), so I suppose it was the reason it was apparently stolen by the Iranians. It’s starting to look now like the officials are finally admitting that it’s not at the bottom of the Indian Ocean after all. Probably used that short-field capability to re-fuel on some island and head for Tehran.

      • trailbee says:

        No flotsam, no jetsam = no plane in the drink. However, if that’s correct, then you have to wonder what they did with the victims. Quite a handful. Mass grave somewhere? Which also would have lightened the load, to be replaced by more fuel.

    • About your MH-370 question: I thought it was pretty obvious at the time that it was taken to Iran. But the passengers were a real puzzle. Iran would hesitate to anger China by killing hundreds of their citizens in cold blood. On the other hand, if it meant getting an effective nuke delivery system, I don’t think for a second that Iran would flinch at killing those people. There are millions of dead in bulldozer berms, mostly Christians, all over the Middle East and Africa. What’s a few hundred? I think you’re right that they’re in a mass grave. Probably not dumped at sea, because a few would surely turn up, and not a single one has.

      There’s a chance that China, which has good relations with Iran, was in on the deal and repatriated their people quietly and faked the bluster with Malasia. Who knows?

  4. 1madjack says:

    The next time you see that jetliner it will be coming in low over LA, Chicago, NYC or DC. What’s the site that would do most financial and psychological damage to America? Wall Street? The Capitol Building in full session, the Whitehouse? Starbucks Headquarters?

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