NBER: Kill the Electric Car Subsidy; Electrics are Worse Than Gas Cars for the Environment

Gruntington Post News (Not Parody This Time) – The National Bureau of Economic Research has released a study that makes it clear for the first time, officially, that the federal $7500 subsidy paid for each electric car sold is an environmental disaster. The report, released yesterday, is somewhat obscure in its analysis and language, but it is significant in that it represents an official admission that electric cars are almost always worse for the environment than gasoline-powered cars. It also calls for the current federal subsidy to be discontinued. These are both things that have motivated electric car critics for years.

model-s-review-620aOne of the conclusions of the study that is partially obscured by the complex ranking system employed, but that deserves emphasis, is that electric cars enjoy “environmental sainthood” only when the power plants generating the electricity are, themselves, “green.” While this is the case in places like Quebec, Canada, where much of the power is generated from clean hydroelectric sources, such is not the case in virtually the entire U.S., where almost all power is generated from coal or oil or natural gas. While the study gives electric cars a dubious bonus for “exporting” these emissions outside of urban areas, it admits that even this is no net gain for the planetary environment. In fact, the overall emissions are worse. So, next time you see a Prius or a Tesla on the road, feel free to call out “Planet Raper!!!” Read additional analysis at the Washington Examiner.


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5 Responses to NBER: Kill the Electric Car Subsidy; Electrics are Worse Than Gas Cars for the Environment

  1. 1madjack says:

    To hell with electro cars!


  2. 1madjack says:

    Wait, only 1 beer? Sheesh, that’s just an appetizer. I can’t drink until the end of August at the earliest, it’s almost more than a mere mortal can stand. 😦 :mrgreen:

    • That is a sad story, Jack! But it’s good that it’s only going to take a few months. When you get through it, I’ll be buying you much more than just one beer. And if you make it to Utah like you’re talking about, you’ll have to pass through Colorado where we have about a hundred local beers you’ll have to try. I sure hope your wife is a good driver!

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