Israelis Find Bar Refaeli Is ‘Unsafe at Any Speed’

Times of Israel – That giant roadside billboard featuring Bar Refaeli may be easy on the eyes, but an Israeli road safety study showed that it is unsafe at any speed.

A multi-year study commissioned by Israel’s National Road Safety Authority has found that large billboards placed at the sides of roadways are responsible for an increase in the number of traffic accidents on those roads, the Hebrew daily Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Wednesday. Read more at the Times of Israel.

GraphicArt1 copyOf course, the Israelis have nothing on the Russians. No wonder they need all those dash cams to straighten out the accidents. The ad below is for cured sausages, and I think the one on the right is for some kind of Russian bath soap, but it’s hard to tell, exactly. If it’s a 3D ad, it might be selling protective eye wear. Unedited version of this post is in the Garage at right. But wear your eye protection. >>>


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4 Responses to Israelis Find Bar Refaeli Is ‘Unsafe at Any Speed’

  1. Here in the US we used to have a warning sign for that: “Dangerous curves ahead”.

  2. (y)
    in israel driving private cars should be banned. they make NYC and LA drivers seem provincial and polite by comparison.

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