Mexy Has a Point

As the Soopermexican points out, “Isn’t it weird how they feel OK about romanticizing and sexifying a Chechen immigrant who used terror to target Americans, but would never do the same for a white terrorist who attacked black Americans?”

Yeah, that is kinda weird, isn’t it? Here’s the execrable Tzarnaev cover for your reference:


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2 Responses to Mexy Has a Point

  1. freedom1781 says:

    This whole bashing the South, freaking out over the Confederate flag, wanting to remove statues and all the other crazy, panicky bu!!sh1t just pisses me off. I am so effin tired of hearing that because I’m white and from the South that I’m racist. What.the.f…! They know absolutely NOTHING about me, my family, my childhood… and those idiots up there screaming about the Civil War, slavery and the flag do not have a clue! It infuriates me so much!! The majority of the agitators aren’t even from the South!!

    People can call me names because I’m a conservative, that just means that they believe the media’s crap they’re spoon fed and they can’t think for themselves. I’m used to it and not too offended by it. You can call me a Jesus freak because I’m a Christian. Awesome, I’m totally cool with that. But call me a racist and a “stupid hillbilly” because I’m from the South and say that I’ve never experienced racism firsthand because I’m white, oh. hell. no… Nope…we’re gonna have a problem. Someone can’t wrongly call me a racist and expect this polite, Southern belle to go away quietly. Racism is NOT in my DNA no matter what Zero says. What a great unifier he is. Puuleasee… 🙄

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