Praise for Sinning Done Right, Part Deux

Back in 2012, I wrote an essay called Praise for Sinning Done Right, that frankly, got me in a lot of trouble. It wasn’t about praising sin or explaining how to sin. It was merely praise for two people who had the guts to react to their own humiliating public sin in the right and proper way; that is, the Christian way.
Once again, I find myself unable to be silent as Bristol Palin confessed to the world a few hours ago that she was pregnant, out of wedlock, for the second time. Tomorrow, half the liberal world of punditry will be wagging their tongues in delight as they gloat over the moral failures of one of their very favorite targets.

To hell with those weasels. I say, God bless Bristol for handling this the way a godly Christian woman should, and I praise her for doing it bravely. What else could her parents ask for? I could ask for no more if she were my daughter. Until a month ago she was engaged to Dakota Meyer, a US Marine and a war hero. Apparently, as we now know, that engagement involved a little (slightly) pre-marital sex. Shame on them. As she put it, the fact that the engagement failed and she is now left pregnant is a “huge disappointment” for herself and for her family. Yes it is. Extra points for not denying the obvious facts, Bristol. Bless you for not distorting the truth in order to shield yourself from judgment as you face it with a bowed head and a steely disposition. You are a good example for untold numbers of women who, despite their best intentions, found themselves with a less than ideal outcome on the road to happily-ever-after.

And here’s something more, from her blog post: “At the end of the day there’s nothing I can’t do with God by my side…” I don’t know about you, but I know lots of people who take a friggin’ long time to get past their faith crisis after a moral failure like this. But here she is, making a statement of faith right out of the gate. And I believe her. She’s shown in the past that this is not a temporary thing. Good for her. She’ll need it in coming days as she’s called s-words and c-words and words not even imagined yet by civilized people. But the hardest one, and the most untrue, will be the h-word. For she is no hypocrite. She has desired only what God wanted for her, and tried mightily to make it so. The first time she was let down by a world-class idiot. This time, no one knows the cause, but even if it were her own pride or other sin that caused the failure, hypocrisy was nowhere in the equation, and so more’s the shame for them that call her that.

All I have to say is God be with you, Bristol. And well done. You faced it quick and you faced it right, and that’s better than most people in the public eye can say these days. And worth something. May others learn from you, and may you be comforted a little in your grief, my Dear. And may you and Dakota remain open to the change of heart that God may yet bring to you both, now that everything has changed.

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4 Responses to Praise for Sinning Done Right, Part Deux

  1. Oracle says:

    In the talmudic era rabbis already observed a clear dissyncrony between general religious behavior and pecadillos like this. They said that there are no guarantees regarding forbidden relations. I just look at this and think “that’s why its best to get married young.”

    • I’m also a fan of getting married young, if you can. We were about 20 when we married, and that left us plenty of time to learn from each other and to grow into it. But, as you say, there are no guarantees, and God decides when you find your mate.

  2. trailbee says:

    I wish her good luck. Times are tough – good guys are hard to find. More than that though, I hope her pregnancy goes well.

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