Finally Free of the Clutches of the Aging, Leftist, Media Oligarchy, Fox-Moderated GOP Debates Expose Bright Light of Reality to a Weary Nation.

Still a little queasy from the rarified air of a debate refreshingly free of loaded Marxist moderator questions, I’ve recovered enough to make the following observations about the first-tier GOP debates:
1. Donald Trump is now recognized by everyone as the pompous buffoon that he is. And this should have been obvious already for months. Favorite stumble: When he bragged that he had bought favors from half the politicians on the stage, in defense of his previous suspicious contributions to Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. Though some of the debaters chimed in “NOT ME,” Chris Christie looked painfully silent, and sealed his identity (and Trump’s along with him) as the biggest crony insider on the stage.

2. It’s not really a secret now that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are going to be openly mocked by children on the dirt streets of remote Filipino villages for a century at least as the most historically inept and corrupt politicians in history, including Soviet-era commissars. I don’t see how this can be avoided now, even if they hire a whole army of Marie Harfs.

3. Ted Cruz and Ben Carson got a well-deserved boost in their prospects, and the rest didn’t come out too shabbily in a contest that was large on humor and mutual respect, except for a few flare-ups that centered mostly around the Buffoon. Honestly, if we can’t get a ticket in 2016 that features at least the angelic and brainy Ben Carson, then America doesn’t deserve any better than it has right now.

Of course, the climate retards at Wired were disappointed that there wasn’t more #science.

And Hillary was busy with important people. Good for her. I’m sure they will still love her when she’s humiliated and living in the Arkham Asylum or whatever dark hole that will take her in.

UPDATE: Doug Ross’s Scorecard is an outstanding review of the night.



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8 Responses to Finally Free of the Clutches of the Aging, Leftist, Media Oligarchy, Fox-Moderated GOP Debates Expose Bright Light of Reality to a Weary Nation.

  1. trailbee says:

    I checked out both debates, and the winner of the evening, in my opinion was Carly Florina. And, no, not because she is a woman! Cruz and Rubio did really well. The Donald would be a clone of Barry, arrogant, narcissistic, and rude. Surprise! Foreign Policy was out in the open, not under the rug, thanks to Barry’s Iran Deal and “We don’t have a policy, yet, on ISIL.” I’m sorry, but I still do not like Jeb any better today. No trust. Maybe it’s because his daddy signed us up for Agenda 21. Can’t seem to get over that.
    The big question now is what will the field look like, as The Donald’s halo is gone, and candidates have to be specific on Illegal Immigration, and any issue that involves Union stakes. Ben Carson was correct this week on Special Report: “We have time.” Doing this debate was an excellent idea.

    • Absolutely, Bee. Good points. I’m still skeptical about Fiorina, but only because I was living in California (Silicon Valley) at the time she was prominent there and was unconvinced that she is the real conservative that we need. You have also been in California for a while. Do you think what we are seeing now is a reflection of the real Carly? If so, I’m sold, I just don’t know yet. Also, as a corporate refugee, I don’t necessarily link CEO experience as a shoo-in for the job. I’d almost rather have someone with Sarah Palin’s limited governing experience or Cruz’s or Paul’s Senatorial background than an ex-Silicon-Valley-CEO.

      Agree with you about Jeb. I like the guy, but no……

      • trailbee says:

        You’re right on all points. I said she was my winner of the evening. However, you are correct as to the Silicon-Valley CEO connection, and it not being the shoe-in for the job. I also believe she will not be our President. Actually, precisely because she is a woman. Hillary has tarnished the field, and you have pointed out that she is a corporate refugee. I voted for her in California, and she was not strong enough to win. There is so much union money here that she would have had to have a better war strategy. I don’t think she is a much better campaigner this time around, either. She would need to spend every single cent she can garner because, unlike Hilary, her name recognition includes a firing. How can she surmount that challenge? But we need her, and her talents, and I sincerely hope she sticks around. We might suck her dry, who knows. Hillary is her target, and it is interesting that Carly has gone for the jugular.
        I see Conservatives shying away from electing women to this position. We have a Biblical history which makes us a little leery. Hillary is a non-believer, a socialist, and that just does not affect her. I realize it sounds sexist, but I don’t mean it like that.
        Every country that has a female Head of State is not the United States. Our entire focus is on traditional Biblical teaching, and we consider women as the nurturers and lifelong mates of our male spouses. I think that women like Angela Merkel and others, can be the way they are, because their past political connections are with non-sacred politics. I think we are just not there yet. Heck, if we were, we would probably have drafted Mother Theresa for this job.

    • Interesting thoughts! I also wonder if we are ready for a woman Pres, and it might be due to our Christian heritage, but I suspect it has more to do with the “cowboy tastes” of the electorate. Many of us still expect the President to be John Wayne, perhaps.

  2. trailbee says:

    Absolutely. We always look for perfection in character and good looks, both of which have destroyed us. We tend to preach forgiveness, but seldom offer it to people who could help our country. That’s why so few good people run – their closets aren’t so clean, but they have brains.
    Oh, well, thanks for reading the drivel. 🙂 tb

  3. Bruce says:

    Love the post and your use of visuals. Couldn’t find your email. Shoot me a message when you get a chance- would love to discuss the leftest media oligarchy further. bluegrassbruce8 (at) gmail


    • Hey, Bruce. Thanks! I don’t have an anonymous email for interweb discussions and prefer to do that out in the open right here or on other sites. Feel free to comment about anything, anytime.

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