Ben Carson Performs First Involuntary Brain Transplant

Still anonymous Bad Lip Reading dude seems to have received a mouse brain. At his own home. While tied up and sedated. Local sheriff says no charges filed. Action was ‘justified.’
Gruntington Post (Satire) – Shortly after releasing the Bad Lip Reading video for the recent GOP debate, the anonymous man behind the popular videos, who has nonetheless been interviewed by a few publications, was found by neighbors resting comfortably at home in Nashville after apparently being the world’s first successful – and involuntary – brain transplant recipient.

Davidson County Sheriff Ron Blurthy told the Gruntington Post that neighbors observed Dr. Ben Carson, who is also a GOP candidate for President of the United States, knock on Mr. BLR’s door early this morning. When he answered, Dr. Carson shoved an ether-soaked rag in Mr. BLR’s face and proceeded to prep him for surgery right there on the front porch. “Aside from periodic re-application of the ether rag, he performed the whole operation without anesthesia,” said long-time neighbor Amanda Richardson. “And I can’t say I blame him. Have you seen the video? It makes all the debaters look pretty silly, but what he did with Dr. Carson was just mean. He was lucky to get a mouse brain, frankly. I think he probably deserved something more of the invertebrate variety. But Dr. Carson is just like that. He always gives more than people expect.”


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