The View to New York from the Yorktown Victory Monument

Never forget. May we be victorious, ultimately, against the scourge of our time.
I regret that I have no credit for this wonderful photo, but it may have been taken by my friend and fellow blogger, Freedom1781, who lives in Yorktown, Virginia.

Also, from Daniel Greenfield: This is the America We Live in Now (But it doesn’t have to be).


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8 Responses to The View to New York from the Yorktown Victory Monument

  1. trailbee says:

    Beautiful photo. And a stunning post from Daniel Greenfield. Thank you.

  2. freedom1781 says:

    I didn’t take that beautiful picture. Could be a National Park Service pic or a York County gov. pic.

    • That’s good! I’m sure you have taken better ones, and I’d prefer one of yours, but I didn’t want to post one of yours without permission. I only posted this one because I was 85% sure it wasn’t yours. Still… not 100% So I”m glad you confirmed! 🙂

      • freedom1781 says:

        I don’t have any of the Monument at sunset or twilight. Do have a few with snow and a lot with sunshine.

        How are you and the family doing? I’ve been super busy in real life and haven’t been on the blogs much.

    • Same here, Freedom! I just got back from the last work trip early this morning, and I’m beat. Sorry I haven’t been very good about meeting up with you and the hub for any dinner or beers lately. The Langley crowd has been keeping me pretty busy when I’m there. The work team did make it to Yorktown for a Friday night on the waterfront almost 2 months ago, and man was that nice. Seafood and cocktails outside while the sun went down and the warm breeze blowing just right… We gotta do that again sometime! Keep us in mind in mid-October. Gruntessa will be out there with me then.

      So, you still employed and doing well? Hub and your awesome daughter? Our youngest turns 18 this month, and I bet yours is probably 14 or so by now?

  3. freedom1781 says:

    I will have to email you when I get to my computer. Typing only few my phone is a pain in the ass.

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