Fast Learner Fiorina Triumphs in Second Bar Room Brawl

It caused a lot of headaches and drove some to drink.

But the second GOP presidential debate was another scrum, and this time, the girl won! Kinda reminded me of this:

After moving up from the “kid’s table” of the 2nd-tier debate last time, Carly Fiorina showed just how fast she has learned how to play with the big boys. She showed it, primarily by having the grit to say things like this:

The exchange that won her the most applause and the most praise, however, may have been a slight miss-step, at least in my opinion. Watch:

Carly is definitely on fire, and her Planned Parenthood rebuke and Hillary statement were both absolutely brilliant. Buuuuuuut….. I think this zinger was kind of a misfire. She had days to prepare for a response to this question she KNEW was coming, and she knew it should be Presidential, that is, NOT self-absorbed and bitter. She knew it should probably show a little wry humor and style, thus contrasting herself with Trump here: make it NOT about her. Aaaaaannndddd… she blew it. It was calculated to appeal to women, but I can say that men saw something very different. They saw a bitter woman who was SO hurt and self-conscious, about something that was probably meant as a stupid joke, that she almost burst into tears 2 or 3 times while she was trying to maintain that final 45 second glare. I don’t blame her one bit, but she could have risen above it, having more than enough time to do so, and she didn’t. That does not appeal to men. And judging from my wife’s reaction, it didn’t appeal to all women, either. I think it was a mistake.

Am I being picky? You bet. But this contest is for the Big Chief, the POTUS. It’s not for the lead chair on The View.

But overall, in her performance throughout the debate, she out-Trumped Trump himself in standing up to rain fire down on those who deserved it. That was where she really triumphed.


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4 Responses to Fast Learner Fiorina Triumphs in Second Bar Room Brawl

  1. Diogenes says:

    “contest is for the Big Chief, the POTUS. It’s not for the lead chair on The View.” LOL I love that!

    • Don’t you ever sleep, Jan??? I finally gave up around 3:30am here on the east coast, and you were still going strong!

      Thanks, though! I hate to be critical of Carly after her amazing coupe she pulled off last night. It was really impressive, and she deserves a lot of praise for that.

  2. trailbee says:

    I think we all saw the same thing. I was surprised. Same gut reaction as the Missus. However, I still stand by my ancient comment that Carly will not become POTUS, meaning whatever she does, it’s a no go. But, that’s only my opinion. (This is how she must have behaved at H-P, which must have driven a lot of people wacko.) However, if she is the one on the ballot, I’ll vote for her. Refuse to stay home, never have, never will.

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