Putin Asserts Middle East Dominance at UN; Snubs Weaker Obama

Telegraph/UK – Vladimir Putin snubbed Barack Obama and revived Russia’s historic role in the Middle East on Monday by calling for a new “broad coalition” to fight Isil based on co-operation with the Assad regime, report Richard Spencer, Harriet Alexander in New York and Roland Oliphant in Moscow.
In his long-awaited speech at the United Nations, the Russian president fiercely attacked American policy in Syria and around the world and criticised the West for “exporting social experiments” in the form of democratic revolutions, which he blamed for the Middle East crisis. Read the rest at the Telegraph.


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4 Responses to Putin Asserts Middle East Dominance at UN; Snubs Weaker Obama

  1. solaratov says:

    This is an hour long…but worth it to hear it all.


    Oh. And that first pic…Putin says, “Uh…did you wash that hand, brah?””

  2. trailbee says:

    That is one hell of a tape. He’s actually saying what Marco Rubio intimated in a Fox interview last week. But Rubio is further along in the polls, and was a little more circumspect, and also did not want to use the Nuclear Option until absolutely necessary. I hope McCarthy will bring a little change, which might rub off on the Senate, probably not. Business as usual, I suppose. I’m depressed.

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