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NY Times Not Sure It Can Spin the Economy Any Longer

Well, this can’t be good. Neil Irwin, NY Times – I write about economics for a living. Part of my job is to look into the maw of economic data, financial market indicators, anecdotal reports from businesses and whatever else … Continue reading

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Fifty Years After Jean Shrimpton Shocked Australia in a Minidress, Women Need Labia Surgery to Go Out in Public

Jump in the Way-Back Machine with me and go back exactly 50 years to October 30, 1965 in Melbourne, Australia. The world was scandalized when English supermodel, Jean Shrimpton, attended Derby Day at Flemington Racecourse wearing a white dress with … Continue reading

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Russia Rising: Has the Newly Confident Culture of Putin’s Russia Captured the Magic that America Has Lost?

There is no longer any doubt that Russian energy production will eventually crush OPEC and the once mighty Saudi oil empire. Even now in the Middle East and broader Asia, Russia has happily replaced the weakened American military influence, especially … Continue reading

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Gov. Christie Finally Lands in Pennsylvania After Post-Debate Pot Binge in Colorado

Background story about the lost blimp.

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Hurricane Patricia, Strongest Ever Recorded, Threatens Western Mexico and Dumps Snow on Pikes Peak Overnight

Story about the 200 mph winds in Mexico here. Photo below by Grunt, who was actually back home in Colorado today. Click photo to embiggen.

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Ghost of Ambassador Stevens Shows Up at Hearing; Absolves Hillary

A surprise witness showed up at the House Select Committee on Benghazi hearing during former Secretary of State Clinton’s deposition. The deceased Ambassador Chris Stevens showed up to testify indirectly through the words of Secretary Clinton. Prompted right on cue … Continue reading

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Highest Polling POTUS Candidate Bails for No Apparent Reason

Story here. And MOTUS calls it exactly right on what the real reason is.

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