Another Grunt Innovation: Fishnet Sudoku

Here at that Grunt Ranch, we never stop innovating. Or shamelessly ripping off our other blogger friends. That’s why we’ve stolen Diogenes’ Fishnet Friday and made it even better! By making it into a challenging puzzle in very attractive packaging. Here is her original:
And here’s the puzzle:
Go ahead, give it a try. It’s just a little warped, and none of the lines are straight, but that’s one of the wonders of fishnet stockings. They help illustrate the glorious curves that God made women out of. I’ll probably publish the solution tomorrow, unless somebody actually completes it and sends me the solution. It could be worth it. The prize is beer, and all you have to do to collect it is be somewhere in the vicinity of Denver. Limited time offer. Additional random rules apply.


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24 Responses to Another Grunt Innovation: Fishnet Sudoku

  1. Diogenes says:

    I’m not familiar with Sudoku ( I take it it’s Asian?) but I’ll be interested to see the solution.

    • Just posted the solution. Sudoku is a diabolical but addictive Japanese number game that many newspapers publish alongside crossword puzzles. My mom and my wife got me hooked on them. It’s actually a very stimulating game because it forces you to use a huge variety of deductive logic tests to solve the really hard ones. Today’s is pretty easy.

  2. Adrienne says:

    I’ve tried to do Sudokus. I might as well be trying to speak Russian. On another note – I actually had a pair of fishnets many years ago. Do you have any idea of what they do to the feet? The pain is unimaginable.

    • I believe you! With the thin skin on the feet, I can imagine the knotted nylon chords probably messing you up pretty good. Honestly, I think fishnets, along with stiletto pumps are two sets of women’s items that were probably invented for S&M, and somewhere, maybe in purgatory, the designers are watching us and laughing their butts off that women actually wear them for everyday stuff! Personally, I think low slippers are more natural and sexier than heels for gals, but I may be in the minority. And as for the fishnets, they’re definitely a novelty and nothing more. But they make good puzzles!

    • I remember when fishnet stockings were all the rage. I was a teenager, and going through a (mercifully short-lived) fashion conscious stage, so I had fishnets in all different colors — including a pair that were neon pink, neon yellow, and neon orange in kind of a camouflage pattern (if you can imagine camo in those colors). Did I mention that neon colors also were all the rage? I had a dress that was neon pink and neon yellow — polka dots on the bodice, stripes on the skirt (mixing patterns was also all the rage) that I wore to school with my neon fishnets, and boy oh boy, did I get the compliments.

  3. solaratov says:

    Oh, hell! Take a break……

    Feel better now? 😉

  4. trailbee says:

    The vid is the best. As for the Sudoku, I tried it a couple of years ago, and didn’t have the patience. Now? I just finished one this morning! Cheating is absolutely not allowed, BUT if I think I have a fairly legit answer, I’ll check it, but will erase it if it’s wrong and forget it. Easy to forget, because my brain is fried, and I’m so old everything is new and fresh after five minutes, anyway. It’s amazing how many people actually participate in this madness. I was looking for an online class for deductive reasoning to help me. Sheesh! I’m only at the *** stage. Do you think the puzzles are designed so that each one is solved in the same order?

    • I’m hooked, too, and it IS amazing how many people do them, these days. I don’t really think there’s an order dependence on the solutions, though. I’m guessing there’s lots of ways to get to the final solution. I’m just not quite smart enough to get there yet on some of the tougher ones!

      • Sudoku is something that I have never tried, and I probably never will, because I can see how insanely addictive it is. I have many friends who thought they would try it just once… just to see what it’s like… and now they’re hooked. They can’t stop. They may think they can, but they can’t. They will be doing Sudoku until the pencil falls from their cold, dead fingers. And since I seem to have an addictive personality, the danger is just too great. I already spend WAY too much time playing Scrabble online when I should be doing other things, so the last thing I need is another addiction!

        Also, it could lead to kitty neglect:

      • Oops, sorry, that isn’t a Sudoku in that picture.

        I do have a funny Sudoku story, though. A few of years ago, when I was still a church musician, we had a visiting priest one Sunday who was from Pakistan. His first language was Urdu, and although he spoke English fairly well, he had trouble with the pronunciation of some words. He was preaching on the verses in Matthew’s gospel that had to do with Jesus and the Sadducees, and he kept calling the Sadducees “sad-DOO-keys.” I had to stifle a giggle every time he said it. Just visualize that — Jesus attempting to get through to a bunch of religious dudes in flowing robes and big beards who spend all day doing little number puzzles in the newspaper.

        LOL! That’s pretty good. We had a Brazilian priest who had Russian ancestry and spoke with a weird Russo-Brazilian accent. One day, he was preaching about John’s Gospel and Jesus being “The Word,” and then he kept saying that listening to him should not be an “F-word” for us. It kinda made sense, but why use the euphemism “F-word” in a homily??? Turns out, he was pronouncing the word “effort” as “F-word.” Saying it should not be an “effort” for us to do this. -Grunt

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