Raising a Family in a Liberal City is Hard



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11 Responses to Raising a Family in a Liberal City is Hard

  1. Adrienne says:

    Raising a family in a liberal city is child abuse as well as sending them to public school.

  2. Chana says:

    I pity America, with no gun control laws.
    And if Israel would just ship terrorists’ families off (and kill the terrorists themselves) we would have no worries about that windshield…because it would be irrelevant.

    • “no gun control laws.” Maybe you’re being playful, but we actually have, in my opinion, very strict gun control laws, and they’ve gotten stricter every time politicians feel like they need to look relevant, which is often. You wouldn’t know it from the “wild west” reputation we have, though.

      • Interesting fact: the state with the least gun control is Vermont, and it has a very low rate of violent crime.

      • While Hawaii is one of the very strictest. It is quite literally impossible to purchase a handgun there. It’s a “may issue” state. And the last time they decided that they “may issue” a license was in the 1960s, practically. Yet their violent crime, especially on Oahu, is pretty bad.

      • Chana says:

        I dunno . . . if there are gun control laws, how come there are so many guns that get into the hands of psychos?
        Also, gun control laws help from *now* on. What about all those who acquired guns before the laws were passed?

    • I think you partially answered your own question, there. Laws have little effect on people who already have banned items when the laws are passed, especially if they don’t have respect for the laws (i.e., if they’re criminals or “psychos.”)

      But my answer would be that you cannot easily identify, much less control, psychos. The ones we’ve struggled with recently are respectable citizens with no records right up to the point where they start killing people. Moreover, from a Judeo-Christian point of view, it’s an insoluble/unsolvable problem. Evil will always exist and be hidden. Leftists/materialists claim otherwise: that the masses can be “educated” out of evil. But we know better, I think.

      • Chana says:

        True, but you can ban psychos from owning guns (unfortunately, you can’t ban them from owning kitchen knives – ugh).

        America needs to round up guns – but they never will, because everyone is afraid of “Big Brother”. It’s a catch-22 that America will never be able to solve until they admit that Israel is right and shut up about security issues of all sorts, both domestic and abroad.

      • Chana says:

        And I agree – leftists cannot be “educated” out of evil, and neither can Arabs.

        All we can do is control them, and render them unable to do any damage.

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